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Don’t let your summer party be a bust! Expect the unexpected at your event.

Tips for hosting an amazing outdoor party in summer that all of your guests will enjoy. Lots of planning goes into your summer events, and sometimes some key elements of preparation can fall through the cracks. We shared a few tips for helping you host a safer summer event earlier this month, and now we want to share some ideas to prepare for the things you may not have thought of! Tips: Plan ahead: The worst thing that can happen at your event is that no one can make it. You have to expect that your guests will be incredibly… Read more »

BBQ Season is here: Tips to Plan a Safer & Fun Outdoor Event

Prepare your property for summer guests   Grad parties, weddings, birthday parties, Father’s Day  — the list goes on and on. No matter what your summer event will be, you will want it to be a success! Use this list to help keep your events safer for all of your guests so you can focus on relaxation, conversation, and soaking up the sun. Stay hydrated Being in the sun all day can sneak up on guests and leave people feeling woozy. Keep plenty of bottles and pitchers of water easily accessible at several stations. Don’t get burned Set up centerpieces… Read more »

Mosquito Prevention: Myths vs. Facts

Get your facts straight when it comes to mosquitoes There are a lot of myths about mosquito control. Mosquitoes carry serious diseases (human and other) including Zika, malaria, encephalitis, yellow fever, dog heartworm, human elephantiasis, and West Nile virus, so we think it is important to give you the facts about mosquito control from our experts. What are some common myths about mosquito control? I have an app on my phone that repels mosquitoes. This sounds too good to be true — and it is. Phone apps boasting “ultrasonic repellents” emit a “sound” that allegedly bothers the mosquitoes to the… Read more »

Stop Ticks from Invading your Yard

Take these steps today to keep your lawn free from ticks Tick season is here, and many experts are saying this could be one of the worst seasons on record. We have had a wet winter, allowing ticks to emerge early and begin terrorizing our families and pets. Ticks carry a variety of diseases that can cause serious health risks to your family, including Lyme disease. The bacterial infection that was first diagnosed in 1975 currently affects an estimated 300,000 people in the United States each year, and can cause life-long health problems if left untreated. So, what can you… Read more »