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The Leader in Mosquito Control

We can give you many reasons why we’re the leader in residential tick and mosquito control, but the real vote of confidence comes from our customers. Over 90% of Mosquito Shield® and Tick Shield® customers repurchase season after season. To help bolster that confidence, only Mosquito Shield and Tick Shield carry an unconditional money back guarantee.

Setting the standard for flexible treatment schedules.
Mosquito Shield and Tick Shield were the first to provide customers with flexible treatment schedules that help to improve results during seasonal periods of mosquito breakouts or peak populations. We don’t sell treatments because a single treatment simply doesn’t work. By monitoring the weather and mosquito population, we are able to provide a worry-free, season-long solution.

More effective, efficient and expert in every aspect of the operation.
State-of-the-art routing software enables us to deliver on our flexible treatment schedules and better serve and communicate helping to improve operating efficiencies and satisfaction. Meanwhile, our sprayer equipment may look similar, but it too has been engineered to deliver product more effectively and efficiently while Mosquito Shield and Tick Shield technicians receive more training. Our technicians aren’t just trained on how to properly apply the product, but also on mosquito and tick behavior and species identification, helping to improve the overall service we provide to our customers. Get started by contacting our team today!

Our History

Mosquito Shield was founded in September of 2001, in direct response to the absence of an effective residential mosquito control service. We have all been there as homeowners, trying to enjoy our limited time outside only to have it ruined by mosquitoes. It was clear that the available mosquito control products such as body sprays, candles, and mosquito magnets were inadequate. Frustrated with these options, Mosquito Shield developed a true solution.

During the next 17 years, we researched the science behind the life cycle of the mosquito, tested various application methods and products, and determined optimum visit frequency. Early testing showed that just applying standard control materials (with water) didn’t deliver measurable and consistent results. After further study, we developed a proprietary barrier spray that, regardless when started, lasts for weeks and grows in strength as the season progressed. Our Mosquito Protection Blend (MPB), comprised of natural oils, both masks your CO2 and repels mosquitoes away from your property. Combining our MPB and select control materials, along with FlexBlend technology, has put us at the forefront of residential mosquito control.

Additionally, we recognized the importance of understanding mosquito biology and behavior as it relates to effective backyard mosquito control and application methods. We began to educate our technicians to think like a mosquito and evaluate properties to identify problem areas. This, along with specialized equipment and precise spraying techniques, has delivered extraordinary results.

Mosquito Shield is proud to offer a Money Back Guarantee! If for any reason you are unsatisfied after your first visit, we will offer you a full refund.

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