Commercial & Municipal Mosquito Control

Nothing ruins a day in the park or another enjoyable outdoor recreational activity like getting bitten by mosquitoes. For guests at campgrounds, parks, and other facilities, nothing brings more peace of mind than knowing that they won’t have to worry about treating mosquito bites or swatting pests off their skin. Give your guests and patrons comfort and freedom from mosquitoes with an effective commercial mosquito control solution.

Keep Guests Coming Back

Extend your busy season with mosquito and tick prevention that keeps mosquitoes and ticks outside of your park or recreational facility, away from your valued guests. Mosquito Shield provides full-time commercial mosquito and tick control programs for parks, recreational areas, and other outdoor facilities across the country.

Trust the Experts

Mosquito Shield technicians are trained in treating a diverse array of environments and habitats. With experience in providing significant results to visitors of municipalities, private businesses, government agencies, commercial properties and recreational areas, Mosquito Shield will help keep any outdoor space controlled from the nuisance of mosquitoes and ticks. Our commercial mosquito and tick control programs, combined with municipal mosquito spraying efforts, are designed to maximize public well-being and minimize effects to the environment.

Demonstrate Safety and Compliance

Providing a results-driven service like mosquito control demonstrates your commitment to making sure your guests are not harmed by mosquito bites. Businesses and municipalities have historically being sued over mosquito and tick bites in response to bites that have resulted in permanent disability or death. When there is a known mosquito or tick problem, you may have the legal obligation to treat that problem or warn the public. Addressing the problem as soon as you can will help your business and your guests.

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