Customer Testimonials

Watch the Customer Testimonials VideoOur customers’ words will always tell our story best. Mosquito Shield is quickly becoming a backyard must-have. Here’s a small sample of the responses we regularly receive from satisfied customers about Mosquito Shield services and solutions:

Still no mosquitoes since our treatments started. I've been bitten 0 times with maybe 6 fly by's total in the past 5 or 6 weeks.  Truly amazing. I must say that I was skeptical going into this, but the combination of talking to Rich and Julie and seeing the results of the first free treatment convinced me to go ahead. In this day and age when everything seems over-hyped and few products truly perform as advertised, you are a standout exception.  There were two other things that impressed me too --  one was the prompt and professional way you handled the delivery snafu at the beginning, and the other is your community involvement.  If my choice is to support a conglomerate in Topeka or somewhere or people in my own backyard who give back to their community, the latter wins out every time!  Good luck to you.
Rick M., Wenonah

I LOVE MOSQUITO SHIELD! This editor rarely uses all caps or exclamation points, but that's how much I love the treatment.We were able to catch fireflies, play on the swings, and eat outside after dusk this weekend, worry-free. Your product has just expanded our living space during the summer time. No more nasty bug spray, no more anxiety about the bites that had me itching to the core of my brain, no more having to look at my daughters' spotty, sore arms and legs. No more medication to prevent my daughters' itch-caused sleepless nights. No more extra showering simply due to bug spray application. The treatment has essentially saved us time, water, and the cost of bug spray from both a financial and health standpoint. We will use a lot less benadryl and anti-itch ointment now, too!  I am definitely going to recommend this treatment to everyone I know.
Charlene C., Swedesboro

Not a thing!  I was having a retirement party in June and everything was in place.  My only concern was my deck - my backyard is all trees - right up to the railings on my deck, and I didn't want to have the party ruined by everyone having to come indoors due to bugs!  I was ecstatic to realize that as the night went on, there was not any evidence of bugs bothering my 50 guests - they stayed outside until well after midnight!! The pre-party communication was awesome.  Due to a few rainy days just prior to the party, they couldn't spray on the optimum days, but we're in constant contact, and sprayed the morning of the party and it worked.  I would definitely use this service again!!!
Kathie M., Voorhees, NJ

We loved our experience - we actually used our backyard!! Thanks.
Darcy S., Mullica Hill

I could not be more pleased with your service! This was the first year we could enjoy our patio ALL DAY and into the night thanks to your service.
Pat Gismonde, Cherry Hill

My experience was great... Best $500 I've spent... Thanks for making our summer better than ever!!!
Georgia F., Woolwich Township

I really liked getting the alert of when the next visit was going to be. I often hang wash out and can adjust my plans on days when service is scheduled.  Please keep that part of your program.  This was the first summer I could get my mail (which is ON the porch) and not get bitten in that minute out my front door.  I was able to hang wash bite-free and bring clothes in without fearing I was bringing them in while opening and closing the door.  My sister loves to sit in the yard near dinnertime and she enjoyed doing just that!  Keep up the good work!
Dottie S., Cherry Hill

You know how to give the best customer service of any company I know. Perfection! Keep up the outstanding work.
Sue, Woodbury

My experience with Janice at the Southern NJ office was amazing! I highly recommend using their services.
S.K., Voorhees

I was looking for a company to spray our yard for mosquito control, as our previous exterminator who did it closed business. So, I went searching Angie's List for a reliable recommendation. Mosquito Shield is relatively local and had received good grades from a few other customers. We've signed up to have the yard sprayed for the rest of the summer. So far, we've had two treatments, and we haven't gotten bitten sitting around the pool in our backyard. What I like about this company, even though I am a new customer is that Janice, one of the owners, was very friendly on the phone, and there is no hassle. They send an email the day before they come to spray, the spray takes a minimal amount of time and then you can go outside again, and they leave, sending a note to say they're done. No fuss. We don't even have to be home. I certainly do recommend them. | I put a n/a for the price, because I don't know how it compares to other companies, but the price seems fair.
Lisa D., Moorestown

We are very pleased with the service. We have definitely noticed a difference in our yard. I can garden and not be bitten once! We are also pleased with the regularity of sprays. They come every 10 days or so which has been great. In previous years we have tried other services that were more expensive and more infrequent. I really think the frequency is the key.You cannot go wrong with Mosquito Shield service from Janice & Tim. Excellent quality, service, and price. Bugs are gone, Bam! Don't hesitate, make your backyard another room!Just a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful weekend that you provided for us. I know that you had nothing to do with the beautiful weather, but you enabled us to enjoy the backyard without those awful Mosquitoes.
Bill O., Hammonton

Hey, friends in South Jersey.I know there is a lot of snow out there right now, but hopefully Spring is right around the corner. If you have mosquito or tick problems in your yard, I HIGHLY recommend the services of Mosquito Shield of Southern NJ.I used their "Tick Shield" service last season (and will again this season). In the past I had literally seen hundreds of wood ticks and several deer ticks on our property. After signing up for the Tick Shield service last year, I saw only one tick all season (and he didn't look healthy!).
Steve G., Mullica Hill

We discovered Mosquito Shield at the South Jersey Home Show in Voorhees, NJ and couldn't be more pleased with our experience. Our property backs up to a heavily wooded creek. The season-long mosquito protection plan has allowed us to comfortably enjoy gardening and outdoor entertaining for the first time since moving into our home-- without bug sprays or citronella products! We were quite surprised by the effectiveness of the spray-- it worked immediately and well-exceeded our expectations. The e-mailed scheduling notifications and detailed service reports are terrific and the service has been unparalleled. We've found the technicians to be reliable and very respectful of our property and landscaping. We especially appreciate how the owners responded immediately to our concern about increasing protection for our vinyl-skirted covered deck and worked with us to tweak our program to include spraying underneath the decking. We didn't give a second thought to renewing our plan this year and certainly will continue to do so in the future.
Bob C., Woolwich

Mosquito Shield of Southern NJ is fantastic! I never fully realized how well it worked until I was getting bit at other people’s houses. I would realize that home I had absolutely no issues with mosquitoes and everywhere else would be awful. The owners are fantastic. They are so helpful and always available for questions or help. I will never ever go another season without the help of Mosquito Shield!
Alyssa B., Woolwich

We used Mosquito Shield of Southern NJ for the first time last Summer. We purchased both the Mosquito and Tick prevention for our family as we spend most of our time outside in the Spring and Summer months. For the first time ever we had no mosquito's in our yard and we were finally able to enjoy dinners on our deck without getting bit. In addition, the owners and techs are very accommodating and great with communication. I highly recommend using them this year!! We have already purchased our service again for the 2015 Spring/Summer Season!!
Traci S., Woolwich

Soon after moving into our home, we had a paver patio installed. The only problem was we could not enjoy it once the sun went down due to being attacked by mosquitoes. My husband is notorious for getting mosquito bites and we were convinced nothing could keep the mosquitoes away from eating him alive. The summer of 2014 was our first year trying Mosquito Shield of Southern NJ. What a difference! We can now sit and enjoy our patio well after the sun goes down without being bitten. The owners are very responsive. If weather conditions are cause for an additional application to keep the mosquitoes away, Mosquito Shield of Southern NJ will come right out to apply another treatment. Thank you Mosquito Shield of Southern NJ for returning to us the use of our patio after sunset.  We love you guys… not sure we could live without you in the summer…. It sure wouldn’t be the same!!!!!!
Georgia F., Woolwich

Mosquito Shield treated our yard this past weekend before our outdoor luau party ~ no pesky mosquitoes disturbed our celebration! Also our kids along with the neighborhood children have enjoyed playing in our backyard all week and not one tick or bite! We look forward to spending more time outside this summer! Thanks Mosquito Shield!
Kristi Hanes - St. Paul, MN

“Worth every single penny!! We have gained so much more square feet of summer living space than we ever thought we would be able to enjoy. The staff is professional and conscientious. It's just been a great experience.“
M. Johnson, Feasterville

“Best service ever. Not only are Rick and Tina great to work with (friendly, knowledgeable and responsive), but the actual shield treatment works incredibly well. In the past we have never been able to enjoy our outdoor space because my kids and I would get eaten alive. Two minutes and we'd have to come back inside. No playing outside, no eating outside. Just walking to my car I'd get several bites. After just ONE Mosquito Shield application the mosquitoes were gone. I haven’t had one bite all summer. Not one. Seriously. We can now all play outside, grill, and eat outside without worrying about getting huge welts. It’s incredible. My husband, who was skeptical at first, said we should do this every year. And we will.”
V. Sloviter, Wynnewood

“Having you treat our property was the best investment we have made. To date since you have begun treatments there has been 0 persons bitten by Mosquitos…Thank you again for allowing us to enjoy being outside without worry of being bombarded by biting pests.”
T. Kennedy, Norriton

“In just one day, I’m happy. Mosquito Shield made my summer fantastic. “
S.M., West Chester

“We live in a mosquito-infested yard and neighborhood. I used to use EVERYTHING just to prepare for a simple summertime evening on the patio (yardguard, citronella candles and torches, bug spray and other contraptions....) we tried this service after hearing about the money back guarantee at the Philadelphia Home Show. It truly has been incredible- we never used another defense product all summer. I am very spoiled, forgetting I need to spray myself with all that junk whenever we go to other people's houses....I highly recommend.”
Jean F., Glenside

“I found out about Mosquito Shield just by chance on FB through seeing a post and was very leery. I have been so happy with this product that I feel the need to RAVE about it! We live in East Goshen on an acre and I have two small children who had been bitten alive at the beginning of Summer 2013, so much that we had decided to stay inside…..From day 1 we can truly count on 1 hand how many mosquitoes we have seen since July .”
J. Crozier, East Goshen

“Rick really took time to explain to me how Mosquito Shield works…We saw immediate results. Not one bite from the time he applied that 1st application to the present…We are so impressed since we have a tricky property and had a terrible mosquito problem. Prior to Rick coming out, we couldn’t sit outside for 5 minutes without being eaten alive. ..We only had them for half a season this year, but will definitely be signing on for the entire season next year!”
Arlene P., West Chester

“After moving into a new home with an amazing wooded lot, pool and great deck, I was concerned my family would be covered in bug spray every night just to enjoy our yard. So glad I found Mosquito Shield! I did not put bug spray on once this entire year. The service has been amazing! I've already signed up for next year!”
J. Charette, Chadds Ford

“Tina: I’m convinced! Your product and service really works! And, works WELL. Not one complaint about bugs, no one was slapping away at mosquitoes. Fantastic. Let’s communicate about service for the “season”.
K. Topping, Phila

“My husband, kids and I were always getting bit by mosquitoes every time we sat on the patio. We read about mosquito shield in the paper last year. We got a one time special event spraying last season for a party we had. Out of 30 people, only one person got one bite! This year we signed up for the whole season. Rick and Tina Brogan are very helpful in answering all your questions and quickly respond to any emails. I would highly recommend!”
S. Griffith, Downingtown

“When a parent of one of our preschool children suggested that I look into Mosquito Shield I was skeptical…Last summer we could not take advantage of our outdoor space because of mosquitoes. Such a sad summer! Tag, hide-n-seek, bar-b-ques, water play, digging for bugs…This summer has been so different. The children in our preschool program as well as our school age Summer Camp have been outside almost all day, every day. I find it absolutely incredible that we have no mosquitoes! Lots of breeding areas in the yards; still, no mosquitoes.”
B. Garner, Summit Children’s Program, Phila

"Rick, just had to tell you, the wedding was a success, and you helped make it enjoyable. Not one gnat or mosquito, or any other flying thing. My guests ate danced and drank without any disturbances. I didn't think it would work so well but now I am a believer. Thanks again."
Denise Campo, Phila

Excellent service!  This is our second season with them - my family and I are very happy with the results. We can enjoy our backyard without the pesky bugs! Highly recommend!
Steve, Arlington VA

Sprayed thoroughly for mosquitoes and ticks throughout the entire season.
Elton, Arlington VA

This is the service we used.  We did it last year and it was life-changing....Never used Mosquito repellant once the whole summer!
Doug, Arlington VA

Best thing you could ever do for your home! There were times when we were talking to neighbors on the street and asked them to please walk down our sidewalk to finish talking so that we would be safe from the mosquitoes.
John, Arlington VA

Terrific customer service and excellent product for the second year. We are outside almost every night last summer and kids played in the yard without getting bit.
Trish, Arlington, VA

Our technician arrives roughly every two weeks and treats our property using a backpack blower. Our yard is virtually mosquito free thanks to the team at Mosquito Shield.
Glenn, McLean, VA

We bought our property three years ago in Foxboro. It is heavily wooded and backs up to the forest. We tried almost all of the consumer products available, nothing effectively kept the mosquito population down. We could not go out and enjoy our own yard and if we did we had to cover ourselves heavy with repellent which doesn’t fully protect you (and smells nasty). When I saw the advertisement for the free first treatment, I was doubtful that Mosquito Shield would make a difference, but as I told the technician, ” I’ve never rooted for something to work as much as this”. After the first treatment we saw immediate results, started working in the yard and kept looking for the mosquitos to come back, never happened. We had spent about the same amount of money before, but it never worked, so I can say that I am getting my money worth. It improved our home ownership and our lives. I am an extremely satisfied customer.
D Bivens, Foxboro, MA

Just to say – that you cannot put a price on playing in the yard with the kids and dog- without the hassle of bug sprays and bugs. It was a pleasure having the MS- product at our house. Great service – always reliable. The best thing was, when our children were playing outside in the front yard with or next door neighbors children. All of the neighbors would always stand in our yard because there were not any bugs. I believe that says it all. No bugs, just fun in our yard. Thanks for the service. See you next year.
M. Feinberg, Providence, RI

I am in love with your service. I am the type of person that gets eaten alive my mosquitoes, just lucky to be so sweet I guess. I also have a dog, so going in and out all the time made me and my house a bug target. I never thought I would be able to have a service that kills mosquitoes that saves me and the dog, but also to cut down the fleas and ticks on the dog. This year we had an early spring with a very warm start to the New England season. This meant ticks came out really early and in full force, I was finding them all over the dog…then poof my service started for the season a few weeks later and I never saw another tick all summer or fall! This is such a relief. It really works! Thank you.
Alison, Ashland, MA

Hello Mosquito Shield, I am responding to your email regarding the efficiency of the shield. I definitely would use it again next year and more in the seasons to come! it was truly effective in preventing the annoying mosquitoes and other outside bugs. We only had 2 mosquitoes all summer!!!! We enjoyed our deck and outside living space because of your formula. I found your way of of just dropping by on the scheduled time frame worked best for us. Your pricing is reasonable and I definitely recommend you to my neighbors! Thanks for your great invention and service.
E. Pepicelli, North Easton MA

Before we started using Mosquito Shield I would not let the children play outside or swim in our pool from dusk on. The mosquitoes were atrocious!! Not to mention we were missing out on valuable family time. From the first treatment that we received from Mosquito Shield we noticed an incredible improvement – we were able to enjoy dinners, swims and family time outdoors. I will never ever go without Mosquito Shield!!! They have made our yard a home!!!
A. Mitchell, Norfolk, MA

I live near wetlands and thought there was never going to be a product or service that could control these nasty mosquitoes; your service really works. I am so impressed!
K. Burns, Plymouth, MA

Dear Mosquito Shield, I wish to express my total satisfaction with your service. I was a bit skeptical at first, but couldn’t be any happier! It’s amazing to enjoy a mosquito-free summer and to be able to play with my 2-year-old at times when I would normally have to go inside because of mosquitoes. If your company ever needs a referral please call me!
J. Bryant, North Attleboro, MA

We have a pool, and once the sunset came we could not go near our backyard. Your technician came last week to apply the mosquito barrier. I’ve had had dinner with my children on our patio every night since and haven’t seen one mosquito bite. We love it!
L. Anderson, Medway, MA

Living on a pond made it impossible to sit outside on our deck or entertain friends. Since having your service we’ve been able to enjoy our yard once again. Now, we have dinner on our deck and enjoy living on the water again. Your barrier spray is the only solution to our mosquito problem. I’ve referred you to all our neighbors and friends. Thank you! (P.S. We haven’t had one goose since adding your goose repellent service.)
J. Gaumond, North Attleboro, MA

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