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Our Story

About Mosquito Shield of Mid Central New Jersey

Hi, my name is Doren Davis and I’m the owner of Mid Central New Jersey. 

My wife and I have lived here all our lives and we’re excited to bring such an effective product to our community. 

Usually, mosquitoes are seen as an annoyance, but they may also be a serious threat to your physical health. I believe that the threat posed by mosquitoes and various other pests is massively understated. 

Mosquitoes are capable of transmitting a number of diseases to people and pets, including viruses and parasites. Many people and animals get sick every year because of mosquitoes, and in rare cases these diseases can be fatal. We want to educate people about the threat mosquitoes can pose and provide effective control across our area.

Our Mosquito Shield brand solely exists to provide an effective product and service to our customers. Our number one goal is to prevent our clients from feeling itchy or attacked by providing them the best mosquito service in the business. 

Our services are designed to keep mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks out of your primary outdoor space. We want to make sure you, your family, and your pets can have fun outdoors again!

As a Mosquito Shield owner, I know that the best way to get rid of mosquitoes on our properties is to understand how they live and behave. 

When inspecting homes, our employees are trained to recognize conditions around your property that might attract mosquitos. This expertise, along with the use of specialized equipment and careful spraying, leads to very impressive results. 

Mosquito Shield is committed to continuously evaluating and improving its products, services, company mission, and equipment to make sure that we provide the highest quality service available to our clients.

I’m Not Just a Mosquito Shield Owner

At Mosquito Shield of Mid Central New Jersey, some of the core values that drive our business philosophy are:

Passion. We approach each job with care and pride, and we stand behind our work. If you are not satisfied with our services, we will make it right.

Service. We provide our clients with exceptional service, from the moment we receive a call or request, to the time we leave the property. We treat people and properties with the respect they deserve. Our technicians drive a company vehicle, wear a uniform, and show up on time, every time.

Education. Our technicians are highly-trained to properly apply our products in ways that extend their effectiveness. Our team understands the biology of mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas to be able to combat them properly. We can also teach you how to minimize pests on your property.

Giving Back: Ten years ago, Mosquito Shield established standards that were aspirational and aligned with sustainability.

Our practices are sustainable, protecting the well-being of both our customers and the community. By putting these values at the center of every decision, we have lowered our own impact on the environment and added products and services to meet different customer and environmental needs. 

Mosquito Shield encourages giving back to the community by fostering a thriving work culture for employees who do community service. A tradition of charitable work and giving back to the places where we work and live has grown out of values like caring about people and the environment.

Our mission is to reduce and eliminate mosquito populations one client at a time, so that outdoor spaces can be enjoyed without the fear of mosquitos and ticks. We effectively and safely remove pests so you don’t have to worry about them.

My Philosophy

I have a personal philosophy that life should be as convenient as possible for as long as we live it. 

While many people understandably dismiss mosquito and tick infestations as a minor inconvenience, it is something that impacts our lives. It influences our decision-making processes of where we hold events, whether we stay inside, or if we’re able to play outside on the lawn.

In order for Mosquito Shield to be successful, I rely on my over 14 years experience as a local, small business owner. I also acquired extensive knowledge about biological parasites that exist everyday around us by personally knowing many people whose health suffered greatly due to diseases caused by mosquitoes and ticks.

A philosophy of betterment can never be short-term, which is why we are one of the few companies in the mosquito and tick industry who create solutions that require as little upkeep as possible, and can be sustainably renewed if seasonal pests start crawling and flying back to our homes again. 

On a larger scale, making the outdoor spaces comfortable and enjoyable again is the impact I want to have on my community.

Our Mission At Mosquito Shield of Mid Central New Jersey

Mosquito Shield was started in September 2001 because products like body sprays, candles, and mosquito magnets did not work well. There was not an effective mosquito control service available for businesses and homeowners. 

Since then, the company has spent over 20 years developing its own proprietary blend of natural and pest-control products. As well as testing implementation methods and frequencies and perfecting solutions that work well. 

Mosquito Shield is the result! It is a service that kills mosquitoes and other dangerous outdoor pests, and helps keep them away from any property that has been treated.

Mosquito Shield is much more than just a company that helps get rid of mosquitoes and other outdoor pests. We are so confident in our products and service that we guarantee you will not experience mosquito bites between treatments. If you do, we will come back, reevaluate your property and if needed, treat it again at no cost. 

Some pest control companies ask customers to sign contracts for long-term treatments ahead of time, but that is not how Mosquito Shield does business. We are so sure you will love our services that if you do decide to hire our team for regular treatments, there is no contract to sign.

How well does the Mosquito Shield company work? See for yourself:

  • 90% of our customers who hire us for a full season of service continue their service the following year.
  • 60% of people who have used Mosquito Shield products and services expressed that they would tell a friend or family member about it.
  • Mosquito Shield and Tick Shield were the first companies to offer customers targeted treatment schedules. This helped control pests more effectively when they were at their worst.

If you hire us, we will make sure that mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas do not get in the way of all the fun things you can do in the great outdoors. Our money-back guarantee lets you rest easily that you will be completely satisfied with our products, services, and team.

A lot of our business is built upon the idea that we avoid the mistakes that the mosquito spray market sector has been making for decades. 

This is exactly why we do not use the same method to get rid of mosquitoes and ticks in every location.  We follow our unique, tried-and-true process for every job, taking into account the specifics of your property. 

We will always choose the appropriate insect and tick treatment options for the job based on factors like the surface area of your yard and differing weather conditions. You can expect a stress-free and successful experience as a result of our meticulous process.

We have been in business for over 20 years. We use a unique mix of natural oils and control products that are the most effective in combating mosquito infestations. Our proprietary blend of mosquito control has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Many of our competitors are often just looking for a one-time, cash-grab job without much long-term thought put into how to keep mosquitos from coming back to your lawn again. 

Mosquito Shield is the one service that instantaneously responds to weather-related outbreaks and seasonal highs in pest populations. This means you get more for your money because we come out every 10–17 days. Plus, our methods allow you and your pets to go back to your yard just minutes after we are done.

Again, if you are not happy with the first seasonal treatment, we will do it again for free or give you back all of your money. 

The result is that you will be able to utilize your outdoor spaces, you will save money compared to the “cost-per-treatment” model, and most importantly, your yard will be free of mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.

In all our time within this industry, we have also developed many new technologies. 

Mosquito Shield is also effective because it is the only product with the FlexBlend spray technology. We keep an eye on the weather and the number of mosquitoes, so that we can make the right changes to our location-based program. 

We are able to give our customers better results and a high level of satisfaction because we rotate control products, use proactive scheduling, and use resistance management strategies.

Since we began, Mosquito Shield has grown our customer base every year. Our track record of success in pest removal and the gratitude of our clients are our most important achievements.

Mosquito Shield deploys modern digital tools to meet the changing needs of our customers and business. 

To keep up with the times, we have meticulously developed state-of-the-art routing software so that Mosquito Shield technicians maintain our flexible treatment schedules and can better serve you in scheduling and discussing the specifics of each application.

Our all-around plan gets rid of mosquitoes, conceals your carbon dioxide which mosquitoes are attracted to, and keeps them away from your property. This also helps you lower your carbon footprint on the planet.

The spray works well to adhere to plants, wood, stone, and brick, among other organic materials. This creates a vertical barrier that gets stronger each time a treatment is applied. It’s also coated in a polymer so rain and strong storms won’t wash it away.

Growing up in central New Jersey, pests had become an accepted part of my life. I had no idea that they are capable of spreading life-threatening diseases anywhere they are present. I simply wanted my family to be able to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about mosquito, tick, or flea bites on my children and pets.

One day, I decided to take matters into my own hands and do something about it. Many mosquito protection services I found were extremely harmful to my outdoor space or the environment around me. Most of them were not effective at all. 

After doing some research myself, I found that many of the strategies actually attracted more mosquitos than they could manage to kill. They weren’t based on an understanding of mosquitos, and what aspects of their very biology attracted them to the moist spaces of my property. 

This is exactly why I decided to launch Mosquito Shield of Mid-Central NJ, so that families like mine can explore the outdoors without fear of coming back with bites and itches.

Most importantly, I understand that experts are more successful at getting rid of mosquitos compared to DIY methods. Mosquito Shield and Tick Shield employees have been trained to use and handle mosquito and tick products properly and professionally, as well as understand how to best target the pests. 

Mosquito Shield takes our responsibility to help you feel secure in your yard very seriously, and we care deeply about the standard of service we provide. We are not just a dude with a rucksack and a van, and we are not simply a “set it and forget it” side-option from your lawn maintenance company. 

We are trained specialists, and that matters.

My biggest mission is to educate our clients. This involves focusing on the most common areas mosquitos breed to keep them away. 

To stop mosquitoes from breeding, you can clean your gutters and downspouts, drain any standing water, get rid of trash and pet food, make sure your doors and windows have screens, and use insect repellents. It is important to get rid of these annoying bugs as soon as possible because they can spread diseases.

My final message to those who are as passionate about public health and preventing and controlling infestations is to raise awareness. 

Do your part by letting your loved ones know that these little pests we often see as simply a nuisance can be vectors for disease. Educate others about the carbon footprint of most mosquito and tick reduction methods, and to choose greener, sustainable methods.

If your home or business is plagued by mosquitoes, ticks, or fleas, contact Mosquito Shield today. We will discuss your unique situation and answer all of your questions. 

Let us develop an effective treatment plan for you that will allow you to get back to enjoying your outdoor spaces.

Our Story

Mosquito Shield® was founded in 2001 as a direct answer to a major problem: mosquitoes. In the absence of an effective mosquito control service and the inadequacy of personal products, a new solution was necessary.

For the past two decades, we’ve mastered our blend of all-natural oils and select control products to become that solution. We’ve tested different blends, application methods, and frequencies of applications to perfect an effective and responsible solution. The result is Mosquito Shield.

Our numbers would demonstrate that we’ve filled the gap. 8 out of every 10 customers return year after year, and we now service tens of thousands of American households.

To hear what our clients are saying, please visit our customer reviews and testimonials section.


Mosquito Shield® is a leading residential mosquito and tick control service with over 120 franchise locations across the United States. Each of Mosquito Shield’s franchises are owned and operated by independent local business men and women.

With the threat of mosquito and tick-borne illnesses on the rise in the United States, Mosquito Shield Franchise Corporation was launched in 2013 and has since developed into a leading franchise opportunity in the growing pest-control industry.

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What Makes Mosquito Shield Better?

We’re the only company in the industry that reacts to mosquito behavior. Without a set schedule, we can adapt to your yard's needs and the mosquitoes around it.

On average, we visit every 10-17 days to ensure a mosquito-free lifestyle.

Mosquito and Tick Proprietary Blend

Mosquito and Tick Proprietary Blend


Our special blend began 20 years ago and we continually evolve it to maximize effectiveness.

Science created our formula, and science continues to adapt it so it remains the most effective spray in the game.

Environmentally Smart Practices

Environmentally Smart Practices


All of our technicians are trained in environmentally smart practices. They target active mosquito areas and are taught the signs to recognize them.

This means less overall spraying, more dead mosquitoes, and a healthy ecosystem in your backyard.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee


If you’re not happy with our services, let us know. We’ll work hard to make it right, including offering a service call spray if needed.

If you’re unhappy with the results after your first visit, simply notify us within 7 days and we will issue you a full refund.

Shield Your Family


You can’t put a price on peace of mind and relaxation. With our service, you can relax knowing that we are helping protect your pets, kids, friends and loved ones outside. We kill and repel mosquitoes, ticks, and therefore help keep away the diseases that come with them.


We want to help you enjoy your yard again by delivering a mosquito-free environment that allows you to spend more time outdoors.


From start to finish, you’ll see we’re passionate about what we do. We don’t make you sign contracts or upsell you on services that you do not need. Our service application is tailored to your property and includes our proven mosquito proprietary blend technology. We’re here to help you and control mosquitoes, not the other way around.

New Mosquito Shield Technology

State-of-the-art routing software enables our Mosquito Shield of Mid Central NJ Technicians to deliver on flexible treatment schedules. We are able to map out ahead of time when treatments will be needed. This information is relayed to you to better serve and communicate the timing and details of each application.

While our sprayer equipment may look similar to others, it too has been engineered for maximum effectiveness. With it, we can apply our products more efficiently and with greater accuracy and control.
New Mosquito Technology
Expert Technicians

Expert Technicians

Our technicians are trained specifically on mosquito and tick control products. We’re not just another guy with a backpack and van or a lawn care provider that will “set and forget” later. This is what we do and we take it very seriously. Not only are our technicians trained on products, they’re trained on mosquito and tick behavior as well as species identification.

That knowledge is used to maximize treatments and minimize the time taken to do it.

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