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Is Home Mosquito Control Expensive? Learn the Truth.

Now that school is back in session and you’re starting to think about the various expenses that fall tends to bring, it seems like an odd time to pay for something like mosquito control services. Because home mosquito control isn’t something you can just pick up at a store, it might seem like an extra cost that doesn’t fit into your traditional spending habits. The true value of home mosquito control isn’t something you can touch or even something you can see, so some have a hard time rationalizing spending money on it – especially when they’ve never experienced the benefits… Read more »

Fall is Coming, Time To Get Mosquito Control Services!

The Best Mosquito Control Services for Fall Weather Fall is coming, and if your family enjoys spending time outside, then you already know that this season means cooler weather, warm drinks, and plenty of chances to go out and play. Unfortunately, the arrival of fall can also come with the annoyance of buzzing pests like mosquitoes every time you try to go outside. While you might think of spring and summer as mosquito season, they’re actually the seasons when they breed – meaning that there can be even more mosquitoes in the fall! If you’ve considered mosquito control services in… Read more »

Planning the Perfect Backyard Bash

Warm summer weather throws open the doors of possibility for entertaining. You might be limited in the number of guests you can squeeze into your living room.  A large backyard affords you the option of a great big guest list. The outdoors provides space for children to run and play while adults unwind.  Flower beds and fire pits add instant ambience.  An outside party does require some special planning. Here are a few suggestions for the perfect backyard event: 1. Plan seating – Make sure you have enough places for all of your guests to relax.  If you are short on… Read more »

Savoring the Summer

Minnesota summers are magical.  There is that time spent on the lakes, all 11,842 of them. We love our celebrations, from small town festivals to the one-of-a kind State Fair.  Summer farmer’s markets display a bounty of produce and flowers. We cherish our warm afternoons and comfortable evenings. There is one thing that all Minnesotans complain about though. The bugs.  Mosquitos and ticks are nuisances that we deal with every summer and they are more than just annoying. According to the American Mosquito Control Association, over 1 million people die worldwide from mosquito-borne illnesses each year. In addition, mosquito bites can… Read more »

Which Pest Control Services Work Best? Learn The Truth!

With the sun shining and temperatures reaching seasonal highs, you may find yourself making a lot of decisions about your summer plans. Whether you’re comparing which beach is the best destination for pets and family, which grill will fit the most burgers for your weekly cookouts, or which pest control services to choose – it’s important to consider all the facts before you make your final decision. When it comes to pest control, like keeping mosquitoes and ticks out of your space, you’ll want to choose a service which is not only proven to work, but one that won’t cause… Read more »