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Try These Easy Tips for a Mosquito Free Fall

If the words “mosquito free” sound simply too good to be true, then you’re probably one of the millions of Americans who have endured a summer of getting bitten, itching, and worrying about the countless diseases spread by mosquitoes. The truth is, as the temperature drops and the fall season approaches, the mosquito population will only get hungrier and more active in your yard and outdoor space. Here at Mosquito Shield, we don’t think that’s fair! Fall should be a time to spend time outside with your family, rather than itching and swatting at bothersome flying pests. If you want… Read more »

What is Home Mosquito Control?

Your home is your castle; you work hard to maintain it inside and out, because it’s so much more than a structure, it’s your family’s home. When the weather warms up and you’re able to spend more time outside, it makes sense to tackle some of the home improvement projects you’ve been planning. You’ve probably already considered painting, creating an inviting outdoor space, and planting seedlings in your garden. What you may not have considered is a new innovation that will allow you to enjoy your home even more this summer, effective home mosquito control! Mosquito Control For Your Home… Read more »

Don’t Leave Backyard Mosquito Control Off Your Spring To-Do List!

Spring is coming, and for families around the country, that means the start of warmer weather and the various tasks that come with preparing for the summer months. Spring cleaning is a popular concept that involves removing the dirt, dust, clutter, and stuffy air from our homes in order to start with a clean slate for a fun and active summer season. If you’re dreading getting started with your spring cleaning initiative, you might find it beneficial to make a list and try a few new tricks to enjoy this year’s spring and summer season more than ever. Make That… Read more »