Spring Cleaning Checklist: Tick Edition

Spring cleaning is upon us, and one of the best things you can do for your home is tackle your yard to keep it tick-free for the warmer weather.


We’ve compiled a few of our best tips on how to prepare your outdoor space for tick season, and many of these you can do this weekend with little or no equipment. So grab your long sleeves and pants – essential tick-fighting clothing – and check these off your list so you can enjoy your yard all summer.

For the ultimate line of defense against this pest, Mosquito Shield can identify an ideal solution for you, and prep your yard with our highly effective treatments so you can enjoy your yard all summer and into the fall. A residential tick control specialist can create a strategy to help eradicate existing tick infestations and prevent new colonies from forming in your yard by implementing an effective barrier treatment that eliminates ticks before they can get to you. Let us know how we can help you, and we’ll deliver the results you’re looking for, guaranteed.

Since ticks usually live at ground level, they love tall grass or anything they can hide in. Keeping your lawn short is a great first line of defense. Low hanging shrubs or foundation plantings are also attractive options for ticks, so do you what you can to keep them maintained and in sunlight.

Another hotbed for ticks? Any piles of wood you have around your yard, especially fallen branches and other debris Ticks love to find themselves under these covered spots, so take them immediately to the dump instead of letting them sit in your yard. Clearing out this debris will also discourage any other pests from entering your property, specifically rodents who could be carrying ticks.

There will occasionally be yard landscaping choices that include taller grass, fences, or even organic piles such as wood chips and compost, and it just isn’t possible to eliminate them from your yard. To mitigate any tick issues, place a gravel barrier around these areas so that ticks stay away from these areas. If there are other potential tick homes that you don’t want to risk becoming pest hotspots, move them into sunny areas of your yard. If you have children, this could mean any play equipment and jungle gyms, or if you have a dog, this could be a path that you set up for your pets with wood chips. Removing them from shady spots is a great first step.