Tick Spraying Services Montgomery

This year, control the ticks on your property with professional tick spraying services. Montgomery has access to a complete menu of control services from Mosquito Shield of River Region, AL. While the Northeast is known for its abnormally high risk for Lyme disease, Alabama isn’t risk free. We have deer ticks, dog ticks, and others capable of transmitting dangerous and deadly illnesses, and unusually mild winters increase the tick populations and the risks.

At Mosquito Shield of River Region, AL, we help our customers destroy and repel tick populations for peace of mind. Tick Shield is the result of 16 years of research, development, and testing. Our unique approach to tick spraying services in Montgomery effectively and consistently reduces tick populations in yards, parks, business areas, and other service areas. Get started today.

Why You’ll Love Our Tick Spraying Services Montgomery

Our location services both residential and commercial customers. When we head to a commercial property, our licensed and trained technicians know exactly where and how to spray to adhere to relevant regulations. We commonly deliver tick spraying services in Montgomery to private businesses, public organizations, and local municipalities in the area. In addition to our season-long programs for home and business owners, we offer Event Shield for single treatments. Customers who rarely use a given space can enjoy the benefits their outdoor living areas without investing in season-long services.

Mosquito Shield of River Region, AL provides flexible schedule solutions, because we know our customers are busy people who want to get the most out of their properties. Each appointment for tick spraying services in Montgomery takes only minutes and diminishes existing tick populations for months at a time. For families, businesses, and municipalities, the benefit of preventative actions far outweighs the risks of exposure. Tick Shield also controls service areas from fleas, making it the ideal solution for homes with pets, veterinary offices with dog runs, municipal dog parks, and boarding facilities.

Mosquito and Tick Spraying Services Montgomery

In addition to our tick spraying services in Montgomery, we provide complete mosquito control services. All of our thoroughly tested formulas are made from essential oils and EPA-registered control products and act in three ways. They kill targeted species on contact, mask carbon dioxide levels, and repel new insects from the area. Read more about tick control services.

If you’ve ever been curious about the number of ticks in your yard, put dry ice on a white cloth around tall grass, deer trails, or leaf litter and wait. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, a known mosquito and tick attractant. When insects target humans, they do so (in part) because they sense carbon dioxide in the area. Scientists use the dry ice technique to take samples of ticks in the environment, but it’s also a neat way for homeowners to gauge the benefits of mosquito and tick spraying services in Montgomery.

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No one wants to wear long clothing during hot and humid Alabama summers. Instead of covering up to hide from ticks, target them in the local environment with proven tick spraying services. Montgomery home and business owners can reach our office at (334) 513-2940 for more information.

Tick Spraying Services Montgomery