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Planning a Day of Yardwork? Learn How You Can Skip the Mosquito Spray

Now that the weather is warm and the sun is shining, you have no excuse to avoid the inevitable yard work you’ve been putting off! Whether you’re planting a garden, pulling up that old stump, trimming the bushes, or putting the final touches on the new patio, it’s the perfect time to go outside and be productive. With the excuse of weather out of the way, you only have one thing holding you back from the rewarding progress ahead of you: pests that bite! Mosquitoes and ticks are always a concern when you’re working outside, but you can ditch the… Read more »

Prepare for Springtime Fun With an Effective Mosquito Barrier

The chill of winter is finally giving way to the chirping birds and warm sunshine of spring. Families around the country are preparing for the warmer months by dusting off the lawn furniture, digging the swim suits out of storage, and planting gardens that will add color to the yard. Although the scent of spring air and the warmth of the sunshine make everyone want to get outside, nature is hatching a silent plan to make spring anything but carefree. For years, families have accepted pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas as an annoying part of the warmer seasons, stocking… Read more »

Fall spraying essential to keep the ticks at bay

Despite cooler temps, tick season endures through the end of summer While Memorial Day typically heralds the beginning of summer, and the beginning of tick season, its bookend holiday, Labor Day, does not signal the end of the tick threat. Mosquito Shield continues to spray through the fall while ticks are still active, helping homeowners battle ticks with its patent-pending Tick Shield product. While deer ticks do thrive in hot, humid weather, particularly at the beginning of their lifecycle, those life cycles extend from three months to over a year. Therefore the ticks that are hatched in late August will… Read more »