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Host That Party Confidently with Special Event Mosquito Treatment

It’s summer, the season when nearly every weekend plays host to numerous events like weddings, cocktail parties, and all other types of gatherings. If hosting an event like a wedding reception, birthday party, or reunion is on your agenda for the summer, it’s time to think about getting special event mosquito treatment for your yard or outdoor event space. You’ve probably heard about the most popular venues in your area claiming to be “mosquito-free” spaces, and this trait certainly allows them to increase their rates; so why not look into the service that can make your space just as enjoyable!… Read more »

Comparing Mosquito Repellents? Try This and Never Buy Bug Spray Again

As summer approaches, we all try our best to prepare our homes and our families with the important items that we will inevitably need during the warmest season. From shorts and tee-shirts to sunscreen and sandals, it’s likely that your list of summer must-haves is long enough, even before the kids start asking for things like pool toys! When you arrive at the store, armed with your list, it’s likely that you’ll not only compare prices, but check out the latest new products to arrive on the shelves. Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that you can cross one… Read more »