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The Minnesota “State Bird” – It Could Make You Sick

It’s easy to joke about mosquitoes being the “state bird” of Minnesota because they’re everywhere and dealing with them can feel like an everyday part of life in the summer. Too often, the tendency is to chalk them up to harmless pests and after being bitten by hundreds of them in your lifetime with nothing but an occasional itchy red bump to show, its easy to forget about the risks they can pose. Mosquitoes are actually one of the most prevalent transmitters of disease in the animal kingdom and being able to recognize the symptoms of the most common mosquito-transmitted… Read more »

Planning the Perfect Backyard Bash

Warm summer weather throws open the doors of possibility for entertaining. You might be limited in the number of guests you can squeeze into your living room.  A large backyard affords you the option of a great big guest list. The outdoors provides space for children to run and play while adults unwind.  Flower beds and fire pits add instant ambience.  An outside party does require some special planning. Here are a few suggestions for the perfect backyard event: 1. Plan seating – Make sure you have enough places for all of your guests to relax.  If you are short on… Read more »

Savoring the Summer

Minnesota summers are magical.  There is that time spent on the lakes, all 11,842 of them. We love our celebrations, from small town festivals to the one-of-a kind State Fair.  Summer farmer’s markets display a bounty of produce and flowers. We cherish our warm afternoons and comfortable evenings. There is one thing that all Minnesotans complain about though. The bugs.  Mosquitos and ticks are nuisances that we deal with every summer and they are more than just annoying. According to the American Mosquito Control Association, over 1 million people die worldwide from mosquito-borne illnesses each year. In addition, mosquito bites can… Read more »