Mosquito Spraying Nassau County

Put the flypaper away when you invest in professional mosquito spraying. Nassau County residents reach out to Mosquito Shield of Nassau Long Island, NY as soon as the weather turns warm. The Mosquito Shield brand holds a reputation for excellence in mosquito control across the country. Wherever you see the Mosquito Shield logo, you can count on exceptional customer service and visible results. Schedule your first application today, pay $39, and start spending more time outside.

Must-Have Mosquito Spraying Nassau County

For the last 16 years, our brand founders have poured their time into researching and developing a better way to eliminate mosquitos, flies, gnats, ticks, and fleas. Today, we offer three unique plans to target our customers’ most pressing needs for insect control and mosquito spraying in Nassau County:

  • Mosquito Shield. Our signature solution features a proprietary blend of essential oils and control products that exterminates mosquitos, flies, and gnats on contact; disguises CO2 levels, which can attract insects; and actively repels new insects from entering the protection zone.

Technicians use a specialized spraying system to create a vertical and horizontal barrier around the service area. Each application improves the barrier’s ability to eliminate and repel insects. With continual mosquito spraying in Nassau County, our customers can experience a virtually bug-free summer.

  • Tick Shield. Like our Mosquito Shield services, our Tick Shield services rely on a proprietary flea and tick controlling solution and our specialized sprayers. The service provides continuous coverage throughout the summer season, and each application will last up to 60 days. For customers concerned about tickborne illnesses, this plan provides powerful results.
  • Event Shield. Some of our customers like the idea of mosquito spraying in Nassau County, but they don’t need for season-long protection. Our Event Shield program allows customers to call us up at least a week in advance to schedule a one-time spraying. Technicians will use the same control products and practices we use for season-long protection to deliver a single application. Within 24 hours, property owners typically notice a drastic difference in the local mosquito populations.

Mosquito Shield of Nassau Long Island, NY, offers services to residential and commercial customers. We routinely work with local municipalities, educational facilities, health care facilities, and residential property owners. Get better results from your mosquito spraying in Nassau County with one of our proactive plans. Learn more about each option.

Mosquito Spraying Nassau County Customers Love

Our insect control services take the hassle out of annual yard maintenance. Contact us as soon as the temperatures rise above 50°F to start a season-long protection plan. Mosquitos have a short breeding cycle, and one mosquito can lay up to 100 eggs at a time. Fight back against mosquito infestations with a proactive and proven insect control plan.

With an unconditional satisfaction guarantee, a 90% repurchase rate, and a 60% referral rate, you’ll love the results you see from our mosquito and tick control services. Walk outside with confidence this summer when you invest in professional mosquito spraying. Nassau County locals can reach our office at (516) 595-2711 to get started.

Mosquito Spraying Nassau County