Central Florida Fights Mosquitoes

Mosquito Shield® of Central Florida is a professionally applied mosquito spray that kills and repels mosquitoes. Our vector-trained technicians treat your common use areas such as pools, decks, patios, and swing sets.  They also pay special attention to where mosquitoes breed and congregate.

If you’re tired of battling annoying mosquitoes in your backyard, there is a simple and effective solution available to you. Mosquito Shield® is proud to offer the best and most affordable mosquito control service on the market. As an experienced outdoor pest control service company, we feature an effective product and service that will transform your backyard into the peaceful place you and your family have always dreamed of.

If you want to enjoy your backyard without the annoyance of mosquitoes, contact us today!

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Our three-pronged approach kills mosquitoes, masks your CO2 (which attracts mosquitoes), and repels them away from your property.  The spray adheres to foliage, wood, stone/brick, and other organic materials. This creates a vertical barrier that strengthens with each visit.

Only Mosquito Shield® uses FlexBlend spray technology to maximize effectiveness. We monitor both mosquito population and weather conditions and adjust our program as needed. By rotating control products, leveraging proactive scheduling, and using resistance management strategies, we are able to deliver superior results and satisfaction.