Baton Rouge

Thank you for your interest in Mosquito Shield, the pioneer and leader in residential mosquito control. We actively monitor weather and mosquito population and treat your property as needed to enjoy a mosquito-free back yard all summer long and into the fall. Our focus and promise to rid your yard of mosquitoes has 90 percent of our customers coming back every year. We stand by that promise with a Money-Back Guarantee.


Ben Lauck opened the Baton Rouge franchise in 2016. A Baton Rouge native, LSU alum and Tiger Athletic Foundation support, Lauck has work on numerous consulting projects all around southern Louisiana, making him familiar with the landscape.

Lauck was attracted to the Mosquito Shield franchise opportunity for personal reasons.

“As the parent of a young child who loves to play outside and as someone whose own social gatherings are centered on being outside more than ever, I understand the need for a service to rid our yards of mosquitoes,” he said. “Southern Louisiana is known for its culture that includes cooking outdoors in giant cast-iron pots, on the grill, smoker, or boiling our great local seafood.”

Mosquito Shield has invested over 15 years of research and development in the perfection of its season-strong Mosquito Protection Barrier. The company is setting the industry standard for mosquito and tick control and setting itself apart with 95-97 percent customer approval ratings for service, value, and effectiveness.

Mosquito Shield currently offers mosquito control and tick control services throughout the country, delivering effective solutions, professional service, and guaranteed results to a rapidly growing base of satisfied customers.

“Our goal is to be the leading provider of residential mosquito control in the area,” said Lauck. “We want to give the residents of the greater Baton Rouge area the peace of mind that comes with knowing their yards will be mosquito free.”

To book service through Mosquito Shield of Baton Rouge, contact Ben Lauck at (225) 372-3995 or via email at