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Welcome to Mosquito Shield of Central Indiana.

Mosquito Shield was founded in 2001 to fill the need for an effective and affordable residential mosquito and tick control. The company developed Mosquito Shield Protection Blend, a blend of natural oils that helps rid properties of the existing mosquito population. This spray builds a barrier around your property and active areas for a virtually mosquito-free environment.

We operate on a continuous 10-17 day treatment cycle throughout the season. Each visit to your property strengthens the barrier, thereby reducing the risk of mosquito and tick-borne illnesses while also providing a haven for outdoor living and entertaining.

Full Season Coverage – Continuous Treatments
At Mosquito Shield, our focus is to provide you with full seasonal control of mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. Single or monthly treatments are just not effective for long periods of time. We provide flexible treatments by actively monitoring mosquito activity and adjusting treatment schedules. Our technicians also continually monitor the weather and we operate on the mosquito’s schedule, not our own. With our Mosquito Shield treatment plan, mosquitoes won’t stand a chance. Let us handle the pests, you handle the fun.

Rest Easy – Reclaim Your Yard!
When you sign up for service, our Mosquito Shield technicians apply a barrier spray around your property and active areas that will eliminate and repel mosquitoes. This spray effectively builds a barrier that strengthens with each visit, kills existing mosquitoes and stops them from invading your space. Our spray also stops new mosquitoes from entering your yard.

If you are experiencing flea or tick issues, don’t forget to select our Tick Shield treatment plan. You can combine both mosquito and tick service plans for the Ultimate Level of coverage against pests that can ruin your outdoor fun.

Your Central Indiana Office
Our franchise was established in 2013 by Lou and Pam Schiesz and operations began in 2014. Both Lou and Pam have over 30 years of experience working locally in the service-related industry as owner-operators of their own businesses. When they began to inquire about mosquito control within the Central Indiana area, they realized the options were quite thin. Their research led them to Mosquito Shield and the opportunity presented itself to help to fill that void of reliable and effective mosquito control. Central Indiana, you can now reclaim your outdoor living space and enjoy it – mosquito-free.

Contact us – We’d love to hear from you

As you can see, the services we offer will help keep your yard free from mosquitoes, fleas and ticks all season long. You can rest, relax and enjoy your yard knowing that your outdoor fun won’t be ruined this year.

Thank you again for your interest in Mosquito Shield. To inquire about service in Central Indiana, you may contact us at or at (317) 783-2222.