About Michael Moorhouse

Michael Moorhouse is the Brand President of Mosquito Shield. He has grown alongside the company for the past 15 years and recently took the mantle of president in March of 2022. Starting as a branch manager for the flagship office in Attleboro, and working up to president of the company, Michael is well aware of the challenges that come with mosquito control at all levels of service. He’s uniquely qualified to guide those services as president.


As President of Mosquito Shield, he’s focused on consistently growing the brand and staying innovative to remain ahead of the competition. With him at the helm, Mosquito Shield has added Pest Shield to its line of services. They are now proud to say they can take care of ant and spider problems along with ticks and mosquitoes.
Michael Moorhouse Video
He also continues the partnerships with the International Franchise Association (IFA), New England Franchise Association (NEFA), and American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA), to ensure we stay compliant with the needs and desires of employees and franchise owners, as well as the customers themselves.

Educational Background

Michael began his education at a Catholic prep school, then went to Westfield State University and finished up at Holyoke Community College.

Goals and Aspirations

Michael’s goal is to build high-performance teams through leadership, policies, procedures, and accountability. Because he started as branch manager, he’s well aware of opportunities for improvement across the brand and will be able to build those high-performance teams. For 15 years, he’s taken phone calls from customers, serviced yards himself, and ran licensing and training for all Attleboro technicians. Now, he’s applying what he learned to improve the entire brand.
When asked about the success of growth behind Mosquito Shield, Michael said, “Residential mosquito, tick, and pest control is a fast-growing business sector, and as the first company in this space over 20 years ago, we have the foundation to be extremely well-positioned for growth.” Simply put, nobody can do it better, and nobody has done it longer.

Family & Hobbies

As a father, Michael loves to be with his family and adores each of his five kids. They frequently vacation in New Hampshire where Michael remodeled their vacation home by himself. When not working, Michael is a golfer, a skier, loves to build stuff, and is a passionate Boston Bruins fan.