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Our Story

About Mosquito Shield of Pinellas County

Hi, we’re the owners of Mosquito Shield of Pinellas County. We’re different from your average mosquito control company.

This is a family owned, Pinellas County based company backed by nationwide resources. We are your neighbors and we want to make sure you can get full enjoyment of the Florida sunshine with fewer bites.

We were mostly excited to join the Mosquito Shield team because we love the custom approach to each job. We grew tired of those other services that charge per spray, or come to your property once a month and apply the same cookie cutter solutions to every yard. 

We’re different. 

We’ll take into account the weather and uniqueness of each property when doing applications and setting the frequency of visits we make to your property. 

We’re also different from the gadgets that claim to control mosquitoes. We’ll cover your whole yard and take care of everything while we’re there.

At Mosquito Shield of Pinellas County, Florida, our goal is to provide the best mosquito control services with the highest levels of customer service, period. We want to allow our customers to enjoy their homes and time with family to the fullest.

We’re Not Just Mosquito Shield Owners

We joined the Mosquito Shield family after one of our relatives—who was 8-months pregnant at the time—came down with Zika virus as a result of a mosquito bite. Thankfully, both mom and the baby are fine now, but it showed us the importance of keeping our homes free from mosquitoes. 

We hope to help families to enjoy the outdoors by reducing the mosquito population and creating barriers around customers’ houses to prevent mosquitoes from entering.

Business ownership has always been a dream of ours. After 10 years of searching for the right business, we found Mosquito Shield. With 20 years experience in mosquito control, Mosquito Shield has the ability to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. 

Our proprietary mosquito protection blend is filled with natural oils. We effectively kill and repel mosquitoes with a product that has been registered under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

On average, we visit every two weeks to spray our special formula and build up the barrier around your property. With each visit, the barrier becomes more effective at repelling skeeters and killing those on site.

Our customers also experience fewer no-see-ums.

Our Philosophy

More applications and better formulas means more control for your yard. 

With our product, we stay ahead of the mosquito’s rapid breeding cycle. We’ve spent 20 years perfecting our craft here in Pinellas, making us the resident experts you need. Not to mention, we’re passionate about helping our customers enjoy their homes and family time to the fullest.

We’re grateful we can help bring this terrific and proven mosquito control solution to Pinellas County.

On weekends, we love spending time outside enjoying the Florida sunshine and our backyard with our two dogs. Like most people, we want that time we spend outside to be pest free. 

The great beaches brought us to Pinellas years ago for vacation. We loved spending time enjoying Pass-A-Grille, Treasure Island, Clearwater, St. Pete, Madeira, and Indian Rocks beaches so much that we decided to stay.

It’s important to us to find a business that has a positive impact on the lives of our customers. We understand the needs of hard-working customers who want to maximize time outdoors for their families and friends, because we’re there too.

Our Mission At Mosquito Shield of Pinellas County

Our goal is to be the premier mosquito and tick control business in Southwest Florida.  We want to have a great reputation for service with our customers. We’re committed to meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations to become the most trusted and recognized solution for mosquito and tick control in the area. 

If you’re not sold, we offer every customer a money back guarantee as a way to provide peace of mind in what we do. If you’re unhappy with the results after our first visit, simply notify us within 7 days and we’ll issue you a full refund.

We’ve been in business more than 20 years. When you partner with us, you’re not dealing with a huge corporation that has no time to stop and go the extra mile. You are working with a Pinellas County based company focused on helping customers here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Story

Mosquito Shield® was founded in 2001 as a direct answer to a major problem: mosquitoes. In the absence of an effective mosquito control service and the inadequacy of personal products, a new solution was necessary.

For the past two decades, we’ve mastered our blend of all-natural oils and select control products to become that solution. We’ve tested different blends, application methods, and frequencies of applications to perfect an effective and responsible solution. The result is Mosquito Shield.

Our numbers would demonstrate that we’ve filled the gap. 8 out of every 10 customers return year after year, and we now service tens of thousands of American households.

To hear what our clients are saying, please visit our customer reviews and testimonials section.


Mosquito Shield® is a leading residential mosquito control service with over 120 franchise locations across the United States. Each of Mosquito Shield’s franchises are owned and operated by independent local business men and women.

With the threat of mosquito illnesses on the rise in the United States, Mosquito Shield Franchise Corporation was launched in 2013 and has since developed into a leading franchise opportunity in the growing pest-control industry.

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20 years in Service

What Makes Mosquito Shield Better?

We’re the only company in the industry that reacts to mosquito behavior. Without a set schedule, we can adapt to your yard's needs and the mosquitoes around it.

On average, we visit every 10-17 days to ensure a mosquito-free lifestyle.

Mosquito Proprietary Blend

Mosquito Proprietary Blend


Our special blend began 20 years ago and we continually evolve it to maximize effectiveness.

Science created our formula, and science continues to adapt it so it remains the most effective spray in the game.

Environmentally Smart Practices

Environmentally Smart Practices


All of our technicians are trained in environmentally smart practices. They target active mosquito areas and are taught the signs to recognize them.

This means less overall spraying, more dead mosquitoes, and a healthy ecosystem in your backyard.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee


If you’re not happy with our services, let us know. We’ll work hard to make it right, including offering a service call spray if needed.

If you’re unhappy with the results after your first visit, simply notify us within 7 days and we will issue you a full refund.

Shield Your Family


You can’t put a price on peace of mind and relaxation. With our service, you can relax knowing that we are helping protect your pets, kids, friends and loved ones outside. We kill and repel mosquitoes, and therefore help keep away the diseases that come with them.


We want to help you enjoy your yard again by delivering a mosquito-free environment that allows you to spend more time outdoors.


From start to finish, you’ll see we’re passionate about what we do. We don’t make you sign contracts or upsell you on services that you do not need. Our service application is tailored to your property and includes our proven mosquito proprietary blend technology. We’re here to help you and control mosquitoes, not the other way around.

New Mosquito Shield Technology

State-of-the-art routing software enables our Mosquito Shield of Pinellas County Technicians to deliver on flexible treatment schedules. We are able to map out ahead of time when treatments will be needed. This information is relayed to you to better serve and communicate the timing and details of each application.

While our sprayer equipment may look similar to others, it too has been engineered for maximum effectiveness. With it, we can apply our products more efficiently and with greater accuracy and control.
New Mosquito Technology
Expert Technicians

Expert Technicians

Our technicians are trained specifically on mosquito control products. We’re not just another guy with a backpack and van or a lawn care provider that will “set and forget” later. This is what we do and we take it very seriously. Not only are our technicians trained on products, they’re trained on mosquito behavior as well as species identification.

That knowledge is used to maximize treatments and minimize the time taken to do it.

Get started by contacting our team today!