Mosquito Shield of Southern NJ

Thank you for your interest in Mosquito Shield. Mosquito Shield is the pioneer and leader in residential mosquito control. We actively monitor weather and mosquito population and treat your property as needed. All, so you will enjoy a mosquito-free back yard all summer long and into the fall. Our focus and promise to rid your yard of mosquitoes has 90% of our customers coming back year over year. In fact, we stand by that promise with a Money-Back Guarantee.

If you don't see your town on this list, please call. We are growing into more service-areas by the day.


Welcome to Mosquito Shield of Southern NJ. Mosquito Shield is setting the industry standard for mosquito and tick control by utilizing a proprietary blend of natural oils, select control products and a flexible spraying schedule that maximizes effectiveness.

The company was founded in Massachusetts in 2001 in direct response to the absence of an effective and affordable mosquito barrier spray. The company developed a patent pending barrier spray that when started in the early spring lasts for weeks and grows in strength as the season progresses.

The Southern NJ franchise was established in 2013 with Woolwich Township, NJ residents Janice and Tim Fullmer taking the helm and bringing this innovative mosquito and tick control solution to the region.

“We were excited to bring Mosquito Shield’s outstanding mosquito and tick control products and services to South Jersey,” said Janice Fullmer.  “From a personal perspective, our own enjoyment of our pool and other outdoor activities with friends and family often used to be cut short by the presence of pesky, biting mosquitos.   From a community health perspective, there are growing concerns about mosquito-borne West Nile and Triple E viruses, and many families in our community have already been impacted by tick-borne Lyme Disease.  Our Mosquito Shield and Tick Shield services have been enthusiastically welcomed and we are committed to using them to improve the quality of life of our neighbors in the communities of South Jersey.”

The Fullmers bring extensive business experience in marketing, customer service, business operations, and project management to their local franchise.  In addition to their work experience, both franchise owners also hold MBA degrees.

“Our complementary skills help us run an efficient business with a strong focus on customer service,” Fullmer said.   “We see this as a business that truly addresses an important need in our community.  Our goal is to be the recognized and trusted leader in mosquito and tick control in Southern NJ.”



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