We Also Eliminate Other Insects and Pests:

  • No-See-Ums
  • Mud Daubers
  • Wasps

Benefits of Removing Other
Bothersome Insects

Fear of Stings

No More Fear
of Stings

Even if wasps and mud daubers never sting, their presence can ruin the day for parents, children, and anyone with an allergy to insect venom.
Allergic Reactions

Fewer Bites, Less
Allergic Reactions

Reaction to insect bites is an extremely individual experience.

A bite that might be a minor annoyance to you could be a week of misery or a trip to the hospital for another person.
Family Outdoors

Experience Fun
Outdoors Again

Getting dive-bombed by wasps or thinking no-see-ums are biting transforms your outdoor experience from fun to run!

Once your mind senses a threat, it's incredibly difficult to turn that off.
Pet Exposure

Reduce Family
Pet Exposure

Cats and dogs unknowingly give biting pests a lift from your yard into your home.

The result of this is unexplained bites indoors and the need to treat your pets.
Mosquito Bites
Mosquito Icon

Reduce No-See-Um Bites

With our mosquito control service, you will see a reduction in no-see-ums. In comparison with mosquitoes, their bites are:

  • Longer lasting
  • More painful when inflicted
  • Typically clustered together

Much like mosquitoes, these insects also carry diseases that can be transported through their bite.

With possible diseases, allergic reactions, and various other nuisances, a reduction in no-see-ums is a welcomed bonus to our mosquito treatments.

Mud Dauber
Mud Dauber Icon

Reduce Mud Dauber Stings

As the name suggests, mud daubers build their nests out of mud and can be found in well-protected areas:

  • Under eaves
  • Porch ceilings
  • Storage buildings
  • Attics

These insects have painful stings toxic enough to potentially cause allergic reactions, and can be difficult to tell apart from other, more aggressive wasps.

Any mud dauber present during the application will die, and you'll see a reduction in this pest with our mosquito services.

Bee Stinging Human Hand
Wasp Icon

Reduce Wasp Stings

Many people are terrified of wasps, and for good reason. Allergic reactions can ultimately lead to anaphylactic shock.

When these pests interrupt your outdoor time, there's more than itching and allergic reactions at stake.

  • Distracting
  • Fear-inspiring
  • Very painful stings

Better safe than sorry when it comes to these insects. You'll see a reduction after we're done with each treatment.

Our Formula Icon

Our Proprietary Formula
Handles Many Pests

At Mosquito Shield, we specialize in mosquitoes. Our proprietary blend of natural oils and pesticides was engineered to kill, repel, and mask you from mosquitoes.

While our proprietary formula doesn’t mask you from other insects or repel them from your property, our blend will still kill them.

Because we use pesticides and target active insect areas, you may also see a reduction in a variety of other common pests and insects.

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Proprietary Formula


Neicy McGrath
We are amazed at the results we have had using Mosquito Shield of Central Florida to control the mosquitoes in our yard. It was impossible to sit outside due to the bites at dusk and the early morning hours. With the first application, we immediately noticed the reduction in bites to almost being nonexisting and even after 14 days the bites were minimum. We can actually enjoy our pool area (not screened) without being eaten alive. Our enjoyment of our pool area has tripled since our first application. The owner is a super nice guy and even sprayed our garage this morning to help control any mosquitos in that area. Even the wasp and mud dobbers have slowed down. I had my doubts but I am a huge believer now. I highly recommend mosquito Shield of Central Florida and will use their services for many years to come.
Lynne Spangler
The community had issues with blind mosquitoes. Within hours of calling them - the owner came out - assessed the situation and put a plan together for any resident that wanted to use their service. Very responsive, polite, reasonably priced and took care of the issues we were having. I would highly recommend Mosquito Shield to anyone that is having problems.
Andrea Louden
After moving to my new home in Pompano Beach, I quickly became aware of how prevelant the mosquitoes & no-see-ums were in the area. I needed a solution and contacted Mosquito Shield after pricing out many options. Eric and his team responded immediately and were super professional in communicating what to expect. After the first treatment I noticed a very significant reduction. While not perfect from the first application, they did say it would take 2-3 sprays for full efficacy. By the second treatment I was no longer swatting and since the third, I haven't had issues again. I've been using them for almost six months now and this is a service I can't live without. I highly recommend them, THANK YOU for allowing me to use my property with my family mosquito free!
Happy Family Outdoors