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Shield your home from flies
Get Rid of Flies Using Outdoor Fly Control
Fly Shield is a perimeter fly control service that will kill flies before they have a chance to get inside your home or business. It’s built to eliminate the problem from the outside and prevent newcomers from getting in and taking over your home.

A Yard Without Flies

Imagine a world where you can enjoy your outdoor spaces without flies and their irritating buzzing as they swarm around you.
No more swatting to keep them off of you and away from your food
No more outdoor food contamination
Avoiding potential allergic reactions
Reducing asthma reactions
And that’s just outside!
When you have flies outside, you’ll get flies inside too, bringing with them all of their nasty germs and problems.
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What Causes a Lot of Flies

Chances are good that your outdoor spaces are a breeding ground for all those pesky flies.

If you have:
A composting pile
Long grass
Garbage cans
The list goes on and on
Flies have an exceptional ability to smell and seek out sources of food for themselves and for their offspring.

Each female fly can lay hundreds of eggs, which often hatch within only a few short hours. It takes just 8 to 10 days until you have more flies, ready to repeat the cycle.

How Does Mosquito Shield Get Rid of
Flies on My Property?

Our expert team will treat the fly breeding areas in your yard.
We don’t just spray once, but every month in order to interrupt the breeding cycle.
We proactively track breeding conditions.
We adjust your schedule to keep the flies at bay.
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Timing Is Key

The sooner you address the treatment of your property, the more effectively you can prevent this issue from escalating into a more serious problem.

Seasonal changes impact how quickly flies breed and where they seek shelter.

By treating your yard and the areas around your home, you can reduce the amount of flies on your property. But it’s important to have a plan that is specific for your yard that works with the seasons.

    Call us today to get an inspection of your yard and a customized plan to keep those annoying flies away.
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