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Mosquito & Tick Control Services in  Rockwall

Mosquito Control

Our mosquito proprietary blend is specially formulated to:

  • Kill mosquitoes on contact
  • Mask mosquito attractants
  • Create a virtual barrier around your property

Tick Control

The success behind our tick control is driven by:

  • A product formula that kills and repels
  • Tick specific spray techniques
  • Create a barrier around your property

Pest Control

Our new Perimeter Shield is an outer barrier program:
  • Applied around the perimeter of your home
  • Prevents access through your foundation
  • Kills spiders and ants on contact

Special Events

Event Shield is perfect for your special events:
  • Quick one-time spray
  • 15-minute dry time
  • Effective results

Why Mosquito Shield of Rockwall

Tailored Treatment Plan

Mosquito and Tick Proprietary Blend

Environmentally Smart Practices

Money Back Guarantee

Tailored Treatment Plan

Tailored Treatment Plan

We’re the only company in the industry that reacts to mosquito behavior. Without a set schedule, we can adapt to your yard's needs and the mosquitoes around it.

On average, we visit every 10-17 days to ensure our industry leading mosquito control for your yard.
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      We’re out to kill mosquitoes, not your budget. We’ll be upfront about all costs, and you’ll know exactly what payments will look like before you start. Speak to one of our professionals today about getting a quote for your property.
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      Schedule Your Service

      Once you’ve received a quote, you can move forward and begin seeing a difference with our services. Any mosquitoes in the area will be killed on contact and a barrier created to deter new mosquitoes from coming in. It takes less than 48 hours to notice a difference.
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      Get Back Outside

      You no longer have to wonder what life would be like without mosquitoes. Go back to enjoying any and all outdoor activities without unwanted guests. Taking care of mosquitoes on your property has never been easier.
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    Experience The Mosquito Shield Difference

    Best Results In
    The Industry

    Get your yard professionally serviced by proven experts

    Local Family
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    We are laser focused on taking back your property from pests.

    100% Guaranteed

    We deliver what we promise and guarantee our work.

    Over 20 Years Proven

    Five star value and quality at affordable prices.
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    Michelle and Damon are awesome and always on time. Highly recommend Mosquito Shield for Rockwall residents.
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    Meet The Mosquito Control Professional Near You

    Mosquito Shield of Rockwall
    Damon and Michelle Trout


    Damon and Michelle Trout

    Monday - Friday:
    7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
    8:30 AM - Noon
    We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the property they work hard for. We are here to make that a reality. Thank you for choosing Mosquito Shield.
    Damon and Michelle Trout

    All Mosquito Control Service Is Not The Same

    Service Offering
    Satisfaction Guarantee
    Don't Have to Be Home for Treatment
    Money Back Guarantee
    Focus on Mosquitoes and Ticks
    No Contracts
    Proprietary Formula that Includes RainShield Technology
    Proven Experience
    Learn More
    20+ years of experience
    Tailored Treatment Plan
    Tailored Treatment Plan
    Learn More
    Based on weather and mosquito populations
    Affordable Seasonal or Annual Programs
    Mosquito Proprietary Blend
    Mosquito Proprietary Blend
    Learn More
    Includes RainShield Technology to prtoect against bad weather.
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    Proven Process. 
    Proven Results.

    You can’t put a price on peace of mind and relaxation. With our service, you can relax knowing that we are helping protect your pets, kids, friends and loved ones outside. We kill and repel mosquitoes, ticks, and therefore help keep away the diseases that come with them.

    Get back outside

    Be free to enjoy your yard again, anytime. Mosquito Shield of Rockwall will deliver the industry's best mosquito control results from the very first service call.

    Reliable, worry free service

    From start to finish, you’ll see we’re passionate about what we do. We don’t make you sign contracts or upsell you on services that you do not need. Our service application is tailored to your property and includes our proven mosquito protection blend technology. We’re here to help you and control mosquitoes, not the other way around.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    01. What other insects will this affect?
    We use an insecticide so other insects present when and where we spray may be impacted.

    However, our formula was specifically engineered for mosquitoes so it won’t repel any other insects as it does mosquitoes.
    02. Will the product kill plants, vegetables, or beneficial insects in my yard?

    We are incredibly conscious of what we do and realize how it can impact our environment if applied erroneously. That’s why our technicians are trained to recognize:

    • Plants
    • Vegetables
    • Beneficial insects like pollinators
    03. Will your product work after storms?
    Yes, we have specifically engineered our formula to outlast storms. With a special polymer layer that provides weather resistance, our formula will remain effective.
    04. Is there any environment you cannot treat?
    Yes, there are some areas we won’t spray to protect the surrounding environments. Pools, natural water sources, vegetable gardens, and artificial water sources complete the list.

    Because water could easily spread the insecticides, we never directly apply our product to it. However, the rest of the property can still be sprayed and it will drastically reduce the population of mosquitoes.
    05. Does this product work on all mosquitoes and ticks ?
    Yes, we target aspects of mosquitoes and ticks that don’t change from species to species.

    The killing and repelling aspects of our product will work on any species of mosquitoes and ticks .
    06. Will the product harm my pets or children?
    Pets and children should be inside during each application. However, they can re-enter the property once the product has dried, roughly 10-15 minutes.

    At that point, there are no restrictions until the next application.
    07. When can I start to see the effects?
    Every yard is different but you should notice a dramatic reduction within 24-48 hours of the initial spray.

    With each subsequent treatment, the results continue to improve, allowing you to enjoy time outside without being chased in by swarms of mosquitoes.
    08. Why do we see more mosquitoes after it has rained?
    Mosquitoes are more abundant after it rains because standing water is where they breed.

    Adult, female mosquitoes will lay their eggs in water. Once fully submerged, the countdown begins and the eggs can hatch in as little as a few days.
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