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Shield Your Home From Spiders
If the sight of spiders makes you cringe, then it’s time to solve the problem with Spider Shield.
Spider Shield Residential
Spider Shield is a perimeter spider control service that will kill spiders before they have a chance to get inside your home or business. It’s built to eliminate the problem from the outside and prevent newcomers from getting in and taking over your home.

Perimeter Inspection and Preventative Tips

To prevent spiders from getting inside, our trained service professionals conduct a thorough inspection outside your home. They identify areas where spiders could potentially enter, harbor, and start nesting.

Problem areas usually include cracks and holes in the foundation or walls of your home. Those areas are sprayed down and that information is then relayed to you along with advice on how to fix the problems leading to your spider invasion.

Spider Shield works by being sprayed:

  • Around your foundation
  • Near entrances
  • Into the corner of patios and porches
  • Inside garages, shops, and sheds

By working from the outside in, we actively prevent future problems and stop current issues. We don’t just spray to kill, we work to keep you protected all season long.

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Spiders Can Cause Problems

Spiders are meant to be outsiders and shouldn’t dwell in your home. Problems arise when they make their way inside. That’s why we focus on eliminating the spiders outside, before they get in. This effectively stops all the problems that come with spiders living indoors.

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Spiders Scare Us Straight

Spiders are scary—It's as simple as that. We’re afraid that they might bite us. They leave cobwebs all over the home, yard, and property. And, it can be difficult to determine what type of spider it is:
Venomous Spider
Aggresive Spider
Hairy Sticky Spider

Timing Is Everything

Just like us, spiders react to the weather. That’s why our services are far more effective than our competitors. They set dates to come and spray. We track the weather and spider populations to spray when you will need it most.

Changes to the weather can affect the way insects nest and reproduce.

    Shield Man Spraying Insecticide

    They want to take up residence in your home and that is the last thing any homeowner wants.

    In addition, seasonal changes can impact spider movement and how and where they seek refuge. That’s why it’s important to implement a program that will treat the key areas outside of your home all season long.

    Our seasonal approach means:

    • Our trained technicians perform a treatment every 60 to 75 days.
    • We start in early Spring and continue until the weather becomes too cold for active spiders.
    Call us today to get an inspection of your home and a customized treatment plan for your pesky spiders.
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