Tick Spraying Services Londonderry

Fight back against tickborne illness with professional tick spraying services. Londonderry property owners hire Mosquito Shield of Rockingham County, NH to eliminate ticks in yards, parks, and other high risk areas. Wooded, grassy, and wet areas fill our coastal county – the perfect breeding ground for ticks. Ticks are annoying and can carry dangerous pathogens. As an alternative to long clothing and noxious sprays, consider a professional spraying service that takes a multi-action approach to tick control.

At Mosquito Shield of Rockingham County, NH, 16 years of research and development back our mosquito and tick control services. We are committed to delivering results and maintaining our over 90% repurchase rate. Join the customers who purchase our services every year and see the results in your own back yard. Call us today to save $25 on services.

Tick Spraying Services Londonderry from Tick Experts

Ticks are fascinating parasitic creatures. They are hitchhikers who lie in wait in tall grasses and leaf litter. When animals or humans pass, they jump on for the ride and look for a viable entry point. To begin feeding, the insects secrete a chemical to numb the skin before inserting sharp, barbed protrusions inside.

Sometimes, a host will not notice the tick for hours or days. Every hour a tick remains imbedded in the skin increases the likelihood of infection. Professional tick spraying services in Londonderry decrease the total tick populations in the area to reduce the likelihood of a bite.

Mosquito Shield of Rockingham County, NH uses a proprietary formula of control products and specialized spraying equipment to ensure results within a given service area. We also take our services one step further with comprehensive technician training. Our technicians understand the lifecycle of the tick, its attractants, and high risk areas. Using this knowledge, they can pinpoint spray areas for increased efficacy. Our tick spraying services in Londonderry succeed, because we have the right product and the right people on our side. Learn more.

Removing a Tick: Insights from Tick Spraying Services Londonderry

Unfortunately, you cannot look at a tick and determine if it carries an infection. Since our team can’t protect every space our customers encounter, we offer these tips to reduce the likelihood of infection you can use in addition to tick spraying services in Londonderry:

  • Remove the tick. Use tweezers to grab the tick as close to your skin as possible and gently pull straight out. The head should tug out. It may or may not pull a small chunk of skin with it, but this removal process generally doesn’t hurt.
  • Kill the tick. Put the tick in a small container of rubbing alcohol to kill it.
  • Clean and monitor the bite. Disinfect and use an antibiotic ointment on the bite after you remove the tick. Monitor the bite for signs of infection (e.g. a bullseye rash, redness, swelling, heat, etc.).

The more you know about ticks, the better you can protect yourself and your family. Wear light, long clothes if you head out to a park or wildlife area, safely remove imbedded ticks, and invest in property-specific services for maximum protection. For tick spraying services, Londonderry property owners can reach our local team at (603) 369-6337.

Tick Spraying Services Londonderry