How Mosquito Shield
Helped Brittany Truly
Utilize Her Backyard

Brittany and her husband bought their home for the yard, but mosquitoes were making it impossible to enjoy it. That’s about the time they discovered Mosquito Shield.
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We Wanted to Maximize Our Time Outdoors

The peace of mind that I can come out here on a Saturday, set up a tent with my two year old and have him play in his water table.

I'm not going to bring him inside and have him covered with mosquito bites. And as a mom, that is just so important.

How Could We Enjoy the Property Bitten Up by Mosquitoes?

This was something we asked to keep on completely throughout the year as to enjoy our property all the time whenever we would like and not have to worry about mosquitoes, or any other bugs, for that matter.

My Family Wanted the Home We Paid For!

We bought this house for the property, not necessarily for the house. And how are we supposed to enjoy the property when in the summer months in Florida, if we're just going to be bitten up by mosquitoes all the time?

Getting a Mosquito Service Wasn’t on Our Radar

The circumstances that led us to Mosquito Shield was actually my husband and I attended a home show.

We attended a home show looking for blinds, not even anticipating finding a mosquito service, not even knowing that we really needed one.

And we actually ran into Danielle, and she was so helpful and so wonderful.

Mosquito Shield’s Service? Professional & Amazing!

It has been one of the most professional and honestly amazing experiences because we have really gotten to work with Danielle and the other people at Mosquito Shield in customizing our service to our property.

Working With Mosquito Shield Has Been a Seamless Experience

The first time they arrived at the house, we took them on a tour of the property just to show them what areas we've noticed need more love than others.

They send out a text message the day before they show up, and that's my opportunity to explain to Danielle, "Hey, if Harold could do the picnic table, we've noticed some problems," or, "the hedge really needs a little bit more service this week," etcetera.
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Their Team Goes the Extra Mile to Provide the Best Possible Results

After they've done their service, Harold always texts me and says, "Hey, you know what? I saw a bit of standing water." Or... "Brittany, you forgot to empty the water table! Make sure you do that next time just to mitigate those mosquitoes coming back."

How Everything Has Changed at Our Home

Since using Mosquito Shield, it's really given us the opportunity to have so many dinner parties and truly utilize our backyard.

I mean, we've had countless parties, outdoor parties with the string lights. We light up the tree. It's been wonderful to have my son's first birthday outside with the bounce house.

Our Perspective on Our Home & Yard Is Completely Different

To be honest, it really, truly has changed our perspective and increased our use of the backyard. And that's honestly why we bought the house.

So it's really changed since we've used Mosquito Shield. So, we have actually told our friends and neighbors and family all about Mosquito Shield.

It's been wonderful and so easy to explain, honestly, because truly the product speaks for itself. The service speaks for itself.
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