Discover the Benefits of Mosquito Shield for Your Yard

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Mosquito Shield Benefits:

Convenient Service

5-10 Minute Application 15 Minute Drying Time

Fewer Bites than Ever

See Noticeable Results Within 48 Hours

Proven and Effective

20+ Years of Testing and Use

Full Summer Experience

Get Everyone Together Again

Understand the Options

Bug Zappers

Instantly kills 100% of insects that come in 
contact with it
Can be placed out of the way
Fairly cheap option
They attract more mosquitoes than they can kill, 
leaving you with more than you had in the first place
Kills beneficial insects as well; only .22% of the bugs killed
are actually mosquitoes or other biting pests
Use electricity
Require cleaning afterwards
Not going to repel mosquitoes from the area
Only kill mosquitoes that are attracted to it
Stop working relatively quickly

Bug Spray

Repels mosquitoes for up to 10 hours 
based on DEET level
Safe on skin
Is the cheapest option
Quick to apply
It’s safe when applied correctly
It smells awful
It doesn’t kill mosquitoes, so they’ll still 
be swarming around you
It’s sticky
If it gets on your clothes, it causes stains
You constantly have to reapply
You can still get bitten anyways
It only repels mosquitoes from you, not your 
area or others with you

Bug Control

Kills bugs on contact
Second cheapest option
Will wash off in bad weather (rain, wind, etc.)
Is harmful if swallowed or comes in contact with skin
Takes a long time to apply
If not applied in the correct spots, it won’t work at all
Can damage ecosystems if allowed to runoff or get
on other living organisms

Bug Pesticides

Highly effective killer and repellent
Won’t wash off in bad weather as easily
Can be very costly
Need special equipment to apply it
Is very toxic if it comes in contact with skin
Not available at typical stores
If applied incorrectly, it will kill a lot more than mosquitoes
It takes a lot of time to apply

Mosquito Shield

Professionally engineered formula that
can’t be bought in stores
Kills mosquitoes on contact; you’ll see a
sizeable difference in as little as 24 hours
Repels mosquitoes with natural oils and our
control product creating a virtual barrier
around your property masking your CO2
Won’t wash off in bad weather
Dries rapidly to minimize interference with
your life (10-15 minutes)
Proper application by a trained professional
Focus on treating breeding grounds which
eliminate future outbreaks
You save time on what would’ve been a big
Application is done every 10-17 days on
No cleanup required
Doesn’t handle other critters & rodents
No indoor extermination services
Not the cheapest available option (Although we’re the
highest value)

Get It Done Right the First Time

Any way you look at it, Mosquito Shield is the best professional option for your yard.

We don’t stop at simply killing mosquitoes on your property. That’s not enough.

Our proprietary MTPB formula masks the substances that attracts mosquitoes and establishes a barrier to prevent more from coming.

You’ve seen the lists, now see the results for yourself!

That’s why you use a professional service

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