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Shield your home
from spiders and ants
If the sight of spiders and ants makes you cringe, then it’s time to solve the problem with Perimeter Shield.

Perimeter Shield is a perimeter pest control service that will kill crawling insects on contact. It’s built to eliminate the problem from the outside and prevent newcomers from getting in and taking over your home.
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Pests Cause
Once Inside

Pests are meant to be outsiders, they shouldn’t dwell in your home. Some problems arise when ants and spiders make their way inside.

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Spiders Scare Us Straight

To many of us, spiders are scary. It's as simple as that. We’re afraid that they might bite us. They leave cobwebs all over the home. And, it can be difficult to determine what type of spider it is:
Poisonous Spider


Aggressive Spider


Hairy/Sticky Spider


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With Perimeter Shield, you don’t have to worry about it. Prevent them from getting inside in the first place and it’s not a problem.

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Ants Cause Structural Damage

Because many ants can use wood to create tunnels for living, once they’re inside, that’s what they look for. They can be downright destructive to:
Ants Damaging Furniture


Ants Damaging Walls


Ants Damaging Framework


Ants Attacking Foods

Food Supply

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Perimeter Inspection and Preventative Tips

To prevent any pests from getting inside, our trained service professionals conduct a thorough inspection outside your home.

They identify areas where perimeter pests could potentially enter, harbor, and start nesting.

This process enables us to make accurate recommendations to you to keep pests at bay. This advice often includes sealing cracks and holes that may lead to an infestation.

By working from the outside in, we actively prevent future problems. We don’t just spray to kill, we work to keep you protected all season long.

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Timing Is Everything

Insects react to the weather, and so do we. That’s why our services are far more effective than our competitors and their set schedules.

Changes to the weather can affect the way insects nest and reproduce. They enter your home looking for:
Spider Shelter from Bad Whether

Shelter from bad weather

Spider Web

A place to breed

Preparing Foods in Chopping Board

Or a food source

These insects want to take up residence in your home and that is the last thing any homeowner wants.

In addition, seasonal changes can impact insect movement and how and where they seek refuge. That’s why it’s important to implement a program that will treat the key areas outside of your home all season long.

Our seasonal approach means our trained technicians perform a treatment every 60 to 75 days starting in early Spring. They specifically target areas with active bug signs and potential entry points to the home to greatly minimize your encounters.

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Call us today to get an inspection of your home and customized treatment plan for your pesky pests.
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