Stop Ticks from Invading your Yard

Take these steps today to keep your lawn free from ticks

Tick season is here, and many experts are saying this could be one of the worst seasons on record. We have had a wet winter, allowing ticks to emerge early and begin terrorizing our families and pets.

Ticks carry a variety of diseases that can cause serious health risks to your family, including Lyme disease. The bacterial infection that was first diagnosed in 1975 currently affects an estimated 300,000 people in the United States each year, and can cause life-long health problems if left untreated.

So, what can you do to help your property stay controlled?

It is our business to keep your family and pets tick-free during the spring, summer and fall by spraying your property regularly, but there are many other steps you can take to further ensure your yard is a place you can enjoy, not fear, in the coming months.

By managing the following key areas around your property, you will greatly reduce the appeal of your yard for ticks.

The Lawn

Ticks will avoid a sunlit, closely mowed yard that is regularly landscaped and pruned. If the grass is short and the yard clear of leaves and other clutter, the ticks will have fewer places to hide.

The Perimeter of your Property

The woods along the edge of your lawn can be a welcoming entryway for our eight-legged foes into the rest of your yard. Consider creating a barrier of stones or wood chips to make entering the yard less appealing, and of course have the area professionally sprayed from spring through the end of the fall.

Wood Piles, Stone Walls, and other Structures

Ticks love to linger and lay eggs in dark areas with lots of crevices and nooks. Move wood piles away from the home. Clean up the base of stone walls and patch holes that may welcome ticks or other tick host creatures like rodents. Clear away any excess brush, leaves, and weeds where ticks can lurk.

Playground Structures and Lawn Furniture

Move play structures away from the perimeter of the yard and try to keep them in places that experience sunlight throughout most of the day. Keep outdoor furniture on decks, patios, or well-landscaped areas of the yard.

Stay Vigilant

Incorporating these strategies as well as professionally spraying your yard will keep your tick interactions around your home to a minimum this season. To read our tips to keep ticks off of your family and pets while you enjoy hiking, walking and visiting farms and wooded areas, click here.

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