Tick Spraying Services Wetumpka

Discover peace of mind with tick spraying services Wetumpka customers trust. Mosquito Shield of River Region, AL offers complete tick and mosquito control solutions that work. Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that can carry dangerous pathogens. While not all ticks cause illness, any infected tick can spread an illness overnight. Instead of worrying, find peace of mind with professional Tick Shield services.

Our office uses a three-pronged approach to eliminate and repel ticks from the service area. You won’t find another service that can compare. Arrange for tick spraying services in Wetumpka today and save $25 on protection.

Tick Spraying Services Wetumpka for Better Results

Ticks end up close to homes and businesses by happenstance. They’re hitchhikers waiting in grass and leaf debris for an unsuspecting host to walk through the area. When they find a ride, they may either fall off at a different location or latch onto their new host. Tick bites rarely hurt, and people may not notice them for hours or days after the initial bite.

Unfortunately, the length of time a tick remains attached increases the odds of infection. Ticks can transmit a number of different illness causing pathogens including those that result in Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Powassan virus. Professional tick spraying services in Wetumpka can significantly reduce the risk of a chance encounter with a tick and a subsequent bite.

Multi-Action Solution in Tick Spraying Services Wetumpka

When you reach out to us for tick spraying services in Wetumpka, we’ll schedule a convenient time for a licensed and trained technician to come out to your property. Our technicians target areas where people commonly spend time as well as tick-attracting hotspots. Similar to our Mosquito Shield products, our Tick Shield solution acts in three ways to protect your property from ticks. The proprietary blend kills fleas and ticks on contact, masks carbon dioxide levels that can attract ticks to new hosts, and repels ticks from the area.

Each rain-resistant treatment only takes around 10 minutes to complete and will leave your property almost entirely tick free for up to 60 days! To provide increased value, we do monitor tick behaviors and weather conditions to schedule treatment sessions when they will provide the most benefit. The season starts as soon as the temperatures rise and ends when the temperatures drive ticks to ground. For complete tick spraying services in Wetumpka, remember the team at Mosquito Shield of River Region, AL. Find out more about how it works.

Experienced Tick Spraying Services Wetumpka

Don’t let the threat of ticks and tickborne illnesses keep you from enjoying your summer. Protect your residential or commercial property with reliable and effective services from a company that knows ticks.

We offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee because we’re completely confident in our ability to exceed your expectations for tick control on local properties. If you’re not happy within the first week of treatment, we’ll completely refund your investment. Whether you’re protecting family and pets or the public from tick infestations, you’ll love the peace of mind that comes with professional tick spraying services. Wetumpka property owners and managers can reach our office at (334) 223-4470 to learn more.

Tick Spraying Services Wetumpka