Tick Spraying Services Prattville

As the season heats up, consider an investment in professional tick spraying services. Prattville has access to some of the best control solutions on the market through Mosquito Shield of River Region, AL. Our local office is part of a nationwide network of successful mosquito and tick services focused on delivering consistent results across differing locations, climate, and environments.

The Mosquito Shield team has dedicated 16 years to the research, development, and testing of a superior tick control product. Tick Shield is a solution that really works all season-long. Start eliminating dog ticks, deer ticks, seed ticks, and more with high-quality tick spraying services in Prattville today.

Tips for Protection With Tick Spraying Services Prattville

One tick shield treatment can deliver protection for up to 60 days at a time. Our licensed and trained technicians can spray a yard for ticks in a matter of minutes. The triple-action, wax-based formula dries quickly and holds up though light and moderate rainfall. The formula kills ticks on contact, disguises the presence of attractants, and repels ticks from the area. Within a day of our tick spraying services in Prattville, you may notice a visible difference in the tick population.

Since ticks tend to hide in grasses and debris, you may not immediately see the difference. To check our handiwork, give any outdoor pets inspections in the days following tick spraying services in Prattville. You should notice a significant decrease in the number of ticks on pets, on your clothing, and/or on you.

While our tick spraying services in Prattville successfully eradicate ticks in designated service areas, you may still encounter ticks when you leave your property. To reduce the risk of attachment and illness remember to:

  • Wear protective clothing. Wear light colored, long pants, long sleeves, and close-toed shoes to walk or hike in tall grasses and untreated areas.
  • Use repellants. Treat clothing and exposed skin with an appropriate tick repelling spray, and reapply the spray as directed.
  • Remove and kill ticks the right way. Gently grab imbedded ticks as close to the head as possible (not by squeezing the body) and pull straight out instead of twisting. Tweezers work great. Submerge ticks in rubbing alcohol to kill them. Flushing or grinding may not actually kill the tick.

Tick Spraying Services Prattville That Prevent Tickborne Illnesses

Our tick spraying services in Prattville can significantly reduce the risks associated with tick-related illnesses. As blood-feeding parasites, ticks can pick up and pass along many types of dangerous illness. Every year, it seems a new threat adds to the list of existing ones. This year, the tickborne Powassan virus is making headlines for its sudden and severe symptoms. Other illnesses commonly associated with ticks include Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Control services create protected spaces for families, children, and pets. Learn more about why tick control is a good idea.

Invest in Superior Tick Spraying Services Prattville

Keep your property tick free and ready for enjoyment when you invest in the best tick spraying services Prattville offers at Mosquito Shield of River Region, AL. For more information about our location and services, call (334) 223-4470.

Tick Spraying Services Prattville