Tick Spraying Services Great Neck

Get more from your summer with professional tick spraying services. Great Neck residents trust the insect experts at Mosquito Shield of Nassau Long Island, NY, for season-long control. With new viral threats making headlines every year, property owners must take precautions to avoid potentially harmful tick bites. Here in the Northeast, Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses are rampant. Our mission is to fight back against harmful mosquito and tick populations in residential and commercial areas. Call today and receive your first treatment for $39.

Avoiding Ticks with Tick Spraying Services Great Neck and More

When it comes to ticks, people often need a multifaceted tick bite prevention plan. We’ve compiled some tips to help you stay tick free. Use these practices with our innovative tick spraying services in Great Neck and reduce the risk of a tick bite:

  • Use protective sprays. Use DEET-based sprays for skin protection and Permethrin-based sprays for clothing protection if you go hiking or walking out near the coast. These sprays will not keep ticks away from the area you visit, but they can prevent a tick from embedding itself into you.
  • Wear long clothing. If you’re going into an area without tick spraying services in Great Neck, wear long, light-colored clothing. Tuck your pants into your socks for increased protection and keep an eye out for black or brown specks on your clothes. Seed ticks may appear as a black grain of sand or rice on your clothing. A physical barrier can keep these and other ticks from biting.
  • Conduct tick checks. After a day outdoors, use a mirror or a partner to look over your body and through your hair for ticks. Always take a thorough shower after time outside and use tweezers to remove any ticks embedded in the skin.
  • Invest in tick spraying services in Great Neck. If you routinely spend time in a certain space, consider comprehensive flea and tick control services from Mosquito Shield of Nassau Long Island, NY. Our tick spraying treatments can last for 60 days and focus on high-risk and common-use areas. Inside the treatment zone, you can forego many of these tick-prevention strategies.

Wearing long clothing and using noxious bug sprays may seem like overkill, but it could save your life. Not all ticks carry harmful pathogens, but some do. One bite from an infected tick could change your life forever. The Mosquito Shield brand invested more than a decade of research and development into its mosquito and tick control services to offer the best experience available. Partner with us for tick spraying services in Great Neck and reduce the likelihood of infection, illness, or (in extreme cases) death. Learn more about the dangers of tick bites.

The Right Tick Spraying Services Great Neck

We use a triple-action control product to kill ticks on contact, masks tick attractants, and create a repellent barrier around your property. Our licensed and trained technicians use specialized spraying equipment to deliver complete coverage on any property. If you’re worried about ticks and the problems they cause, invest in season-long coverage you can trust. For more information about our unique tick spraying services, Great Neck locals can call us at (516) 218-8800.

Tick Spraying Services Great Neck