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Try These Easy Tips for a Mosquito Free Fall

If the words “mosquito free” sound simply too good to be true, then you’re probably one of the millions of Americans who have endured a summer of getting bitten, itching, and worrying about the countless diseases spread by mosquitoes. The truth is, as the temperature drops and the fall season approaches, the mosquito population will only get hungrier and more active in your yard and outdoor space. Here at Mosquito Shield, we don’t think that’s fair! Fall should be a time to spend time outside with your family, rather than itching and swatting at bothersome flying pests. If you want… Read more »

Try This Simple Trick for A Mosquito Free Yard

If the idea of a mosquito free yard sounds like something from a fairy tale, then you’ll be shocked to learn that one simple trick can transform your outdoor space into the pest-free zone of your dreams. Now we know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry. “Trick” isn’t implying some sort of crazy do-it-yourself project like building a fence of fly tape around your property, or hanging strands of electrified fencing from your trees. This trick is actually a service that has worked for families around the country. It’s called Mosquito Shield and it’s invisible, effective, and life changing. It’s… Read more »