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Heard of this DIY Mosquito Treatment? Spoiler: It Doesn’t Work.

If you’ve read about a “Do it Yourself” mosquito treatment that sounds too good to be true, then you’re probably right. Whether you read that growing a certain combination of herbs in your garden or rubbing lemon peel on your skin will keep mosquitoes at bay, you’re bound to be disappointed. While these DIY ideas might make your yard and family smell so good that you’ll be distracted from the mosquitoes, there’s no way that these “treatments” can really repel or kill mosquitoes, and that’s based on a simple scientific fact! Knowledge is Power Mosquitoes are attracted to the Carbon… Read more »

How To Kill Mosquitoes Without Ruining Your Summer Party

In the summer, outdoor parties combine the beauty of warm weather with the comfort of your outdoor space to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and hosts alike. From planning a menu that everyone can enjoy, to decorating your yard with flowers, lights, and enough tables and chairs to be comfortable, hosting a summer party is challenging enough without having to worry about uninvited guests like mosquitoes! As you’re gathering supplies for your next summer gathering, you can leave out the bug spray; instead, learn how to kill mosquitoes without spraying chemicals on your guests and burning smelly candles that… Read more »