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Protect Pooch With These Important Heartworm Facts

The seasons of summer and fall are undoubtedly beautiful, from bright sun to crisp air and falling leaves, these seasons beckon every member of your family to come outside and play. For parents, this can mean opportunities to do yard work or relax and read. For kids, the backyard becomes an endless adventure for their imaginations to run wild; but what about the other members of the family? Pets like cats and dogs should be able to enjoy the outdoor living space safely, just like the rest of the family. After all, they love being outside more than any other… Read more »

The Minnesota “State Bird” – It Could Make You Sick

It’s easy to joke about mosquitoes being the “state bird” of Minnesota because they’re everywhere and dealing with them can feel like an everyday part of life in the summer. Too often, the tendency is to chalk them up to harmless pests and after being bitten by hundreds of them in your lifetime with nothing but an occasional itchy red bump to show, its easy to forget about the risks they can pose. Mosquitoes are actually one of the most prevalent transmitters of disease in the animal kingdom and being able to recognize the symptoms of the most common mosquito-transmitted… Read more »