Barrier Spray

Mosquito Shield’s Mosquito and Tick Proprietary Blend (MTPB) creates a barrier around your yard.

How Our Formula Works

In order to have an effective mosquito control service, you must operate under two key objectives:
Kill All Moquitoes
1. Kill all mosquitoes on contact with the spray
Prevent Mosquitoes Swarms
2. Prevent further swarms from coming in

If you kill all the mosquitoes but don’t create a barrier, more mosquitoes will come and nothing will have changed.

Within a few days, you would see new mosquitoes that have entered your property looking for food and a place to lay their eggs. The treatment would be rendered ineffective.

Our formula has been designed to both kill on contact and create that necessary barrier.

No Mosquito

Inventing the Solution

Unlike many competitors, Mosquito Shield researches, tests, and produces its own Mosquito and Tick Proprietary Blend

How Our Formula Works

Mosquitoes are attracted to CO2, the air we breathe out. That’s how they find hosts to bite and locations to nest at. The more CO2, the more mosquitoes are attracted to the area.

That’s why our formula has been specially developed to mask the emitted CO2.

This effectively eliminates the drive for mosquitoes to enter your yard. Without CO2, they have no reason to come in and look for better options elsewhere.

Mosquito Barrier

How Long Our Barrier Lasts

The barrier we create is reinforced each time we treat your property.
Our Formula
We apply our formula, on average, every 10-17 days
Withstand Bad Weather
It has been engineered to withstand bad weather
Stronger Barrier
With each application the barrier becomes stronger

If you go on vacation for a few weeks or won’t be home for whatever reason, that’s not a problem. We can service your yard without you there. Upon returning, your property will still be mosquito-free.

You’re going to love the effectiveness of our Mosquito and Tick Proprietary Blend, and you’ll quickly see the results it produces.

Fomula Specialist
Independent Research
Proprietary Techniques
Better Outcomes
Experience the difference within 24 hours of your first treatment!
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