Mosquito Spraying Windham

For mosquito spraying, Windham home and business owners work with the professionals at Mosquito Shield of Rockingham County, NH. Many people associate insect problems with more southerly, humid environments, but the Northeast enjoys its fair share of mosquito problems. Here, any moisture will attract and nurture mosquito populations until they become almost unbearable. In some areas, even walking outside can feel like an insect vs. man battle. If you’re tired of fighting against mosquitos day after day, consider a better way to control them.

Mosquito Shield specializes in a new way to eliminate and repel insects for complete property protection. With over a 90% repurchase rate and a satisfaction guarantee, why wait? Evict mosquitoes for good with season-long control you can trust. Call us today and receive $25 off.

Alternatives to Mosquito Spraying Windham…And Why They Don’t Work

At Mosquito Shield of Rockingham County, NH, our clients have told us about their extended struggles with local mosquito populations. They’ve tried everything. Here’s why most popular alternatives to mosquito spraying in Windham fail to make a difference:

  • Over-the-counter sprays. Home and yard sprays kill off some bug populations, but they have a limited efficacy period and cannot create a seamless barrier around the service area. Individuals may pay a small fortune for these products and still see mosquitoes in the area.
  • Bug zappers. A bug zapper will make you feel like you’re accomplishing something without making a dent in the local insect populations. These electrified units kill indiscriminately and only control a limited space. If you use these, you could kill off helpful yard insects and still see mosquitoes multiplying in areas just outside of the kill zone. As an alternative to mosquito spraying in Windham, bug zappers simply fail to deliver consistent, lasting results.
  • Holistic treatments. Some homeowners will plant lemongrass, geraniums, and other insect-repelling plants in their yards. Homeowners may also remove standing water and eliminate clutter/debris to prevent reproduction. While this tactic may reduce the number of mosquitoes in the area, it will not prevent mosquitoes from entering the yard.

Each of these approaches works, but they offer very limited efficacy. Chances are good that you will have to use these and other mosquito control strategies to make a meaningful difference on your property. Instead, invest your hard earned dollars in professional mosquito spraying in Windham.

Mosquito Spraying Windham for a Bug Free Summer

Mosquito Shield offers effective control against existing and future mosquito populations. Our proprietary, multi-action formula kills existing insect populations, masks carbon dioxide levels, and repels insects from the active vertical and horizontal spray barrier. Each treatment can last up to 17 days, but we generally spray ever 14 to account for variations in weather and insect behaviors. You won’t find another solution for mosquito spraying in Windham that offers the same results. Explore what makes Mosquito Shield different.

Ready to get started? For season-long results from mosquito spraying, Windham residents can call (888) 889-9944.

Mosquito Spraying Windham