Mosquito Spraying West Hempstead

Take advantage of the summer weather with effective mosquito spraying. West Hempstead property owners call Mosquito Shield of Nassau Long Island, NY for season-long protection. Mosquito populations thrive around Hempstead Lake and West Hempstead’s standing water, tall grasses, and tree lines. Keep your skin bite free with one of the most well-known names in the mosquito control business.

For the last 16 years, our brand founders have researched, developed, and tested mosquito spraying products and methodologies. Today, we deliver satisfaction-guaranteed spraying services across the country. Come to our local office and control mosquito problems once and for all. Receive your first application for $39 when you reach out to us today for effective mosquito spraying in West Hempstead.

Mosquito Spraying West Hempstead to Eliminate Worries

New York is one of the worst areas in the country for mosquito activity. These small blood-sucking insects multiply rapidly and can carry the pathogens that cause West Nile virus, Zika virus, and Triple E (Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus). At best, they represent a relentless summertime nuisance, causing itchy red welts where they bite. At worst, they transmit infections that can change a person’s life. Professional mosquito spraying in West Hempstead can significantly reduce the likelihood of a bite and subsequent infection.

Bug zappers, DEET sprays, and fly traps provide limited results. Many common solutions fail to exterminate the pesky bugs at all. Mosquito Shield’s Guaranteed Protection Plan offers continuous, season-long mosquito spraying in West Hempstead you can count on even during the most humid and hot days of summer. Learn more about the risks mosquitos pose.

Mosquito Spraying West Hempstead that Delivers Results

The Mosquito Shield brand takes a different approach to mosquito control than other popular services. In addition to exterminating insects on contact, our mosquito spraying in West Hempstead also disguises carbon dioxide levels and creates an invisible barrier. Carbon dioxide is a known mosquito attractant. We use a proprietary blend of essential oils and rotating control products to actively kill and repel targeted insects for 10–17 days at a time. The formula features rain-resistant properties to hold up under summer’s rainy conditions.

With one application, customers who invest in mosquito spraying in West Hempstead begin to see results. Mosquito populations dramatically start to fall within the first 24 hours of treatment. Our trained technicians use specialized spraying equipment to evenly cover high-risk areas of the property. Existing mosquitos die out and new mosquitos actively avoid the protection zone. Many of our season-long customers report seeing a limited number of mosquitos throughout the summer. Explore our testimonials to see why more property owners prefer Mosquito Shield.

Start Today to Receive Mosquito Spraying West Hempstead

At Mosquito Shield of Nassau Long Island, NY, our team is committed to the customer experience. We want to show you what an effective mosquito control program can do for your property. We help residential and commercial customers eliminate mosquito populations for a better outdoor living experience. Don’t invest any more money in solutions that provide limited results. Partner with a team that carries a 90% repurchase rate and a commitment to excellence. For better mosquito spraying, West Hempstead property owners can call our local team at (516) 595-2711.

Mosquito Spraying West Hempstead