Mosquito Spraying Plant City

Are mosquitoes swarming your home? If so, you should try mosquito spraying. Plant City residents can get rid of their pest problems through this method. Mosquito spraying in Plant City is the process of using insecticides to reduce mosquito populations. Homeowners can keep their environment pest-free and their families disease-free through mosquito spraying in Plant City.

Mosquitoes can be tricky little creatures. Their small size makes it difficult to locate them during mosquito spraying in Plant City. If you’re set on mosquito spraying in Plant City, start by learning the places where these pesky creatures usually reside. This information will help you know which areas to target while mosquito spraying in Plant City.

Areas to Target When Mosquito Spraying in Plant City

Trees and Shrubs: While mosquito spraying, Plant City residents shouldn’t forget to target deep shrubbery and foliage. Mosquitoes prefer staying in humid and shady areas like trees and shrubs. Since these provide mosquitoes with a dark and moist environment to stay in, you’re sure to find at least a few mosquitoes here while you are mosquito spraying in Plant City.

Tall Grasses: Much like trees and shrubs, tall grasses provide mosquitoes with a moist and shady place to hide in. When you opt for mosquito spraying in Plant City, you can’t overlook tall grasses. In addition to mosquito spraying in Plant City, you can reduce the mosquito populations around your property by regularly mowing your lawn and trimming tall grasses.

Under Decks: Giving the space under your deck a thorough cleaning before you try mosquito spraying in Plant City is an effective way to take care of your pest problem. While you are mosquito spraying in Plant City, check the area under your deck for puddles, then drain it, and fill it with sand. Doing this will keep mosquitoes from laying their eggs there.

Gutters: Clogged gutters are another favorite breeding spot for mosquitoes. You can’t neglect this area while you’re mosquito spraying. Plant City residents should make it a point to regularly remove any debris that falls into their gutters. If you want to control the mosquito population on your property, you should target your gutter for mosquito spraying in Plant City.

Ponds and Puddles: Any surface with standing water should be targeted for mosquito spraying. Plant City residents must always remove or drain any standing water on their property. While mosquito spraying in Plant City, you can’t forget to treat puddles and ornamental ponds.

Planters and Pots: Planters and pots that aren’t regularly drained of water are usual mosquito hiding spots. If you opt for mosquito spraying in Plant City, you should aim for the potted plants with saucers or the empty flower pots in your yard.

Old Tires and Tire Swings: Thick, rubbery tires provide mosquito larvae with the insulation and protection they need to grow. If you have any old tires or tire swings in your yard, aim for these when mosquito spraying in Plant City.

Piles of Leaves, Grass, or Wood: Much like ticks, mosquitoes enjoy hiding in wood, leaf, and grass piles. If you remember to scoop these piles up and get rid of them immediately, you won’t even need mosquito spraying in Plant City to reduce your mosquito problem.

Other Places: Other areas you should aim for when mosquito spraying in Plant City include tree stumps, birdbaths, pet bowls, wading pools, trash cans, buckets, tarps, and more.

Find a Professional to Help You With Mosquito Spraying in Plant City

Knowing which areas to target for mosquito spraying in Plant City can be helpful to people who want to keep their property pest-free. However, mosquito spraying in Plant City isn’t just about knowing where to aim. While mosquito spraying in Plant City, seasoned technicians will know how much product to use, how the sprays will affect your surroundings, and how to prevent future pest troubles. Asking for professional help is still the best course of action for people who want to try mosquito spraying in Plant City.

About Us

Mosquito Shield: Central FL specializes in mosquito and tick control. We serve various states around the country, including Central Florida. We started operations back in 2001 upon seeing the need for mosquito control for residential homes. Over the years, we have developed a better understanding of mosquitoes and their behavior. Through research and experience, we came up with various products to exterminate these pests.

What We Do

At Mosquito Shield: Central FL, we provide immediate solutions and preventive measures against ticks and mosquitoes thriving in your property. Here’s a detailed look at our services:

Mosquito Shield: Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide (CO2) that we breathe out. Our mosquito spray can cover the CO2 to make it difficult for these insects to locate you. Our sprays create a protective barrier to fend off mosquitoes. Through successive applications, the shield gets stronger to give you better defense against these insects. We also added Rain ShieldTM in our products to ensure the spray remains in effect even under moderate rains. Here are different packages available:

  • Residential: Without mosquitoes pestering you, you can spend more time in the outdoors with your family and friends. Get to enjoy barbecue, backyard games, or gardening without pests bothering you. Request our services and protect your family against mosquitoes and the deadly diseases they bring such as dengue virus, West Nile virus, malaria, and Zika virus.
  • Commercial: Mosquitoes can be bad for your business. These insects can turn off customers and keep office workers unproductive. You may end up losing money in the Create a healthy commercial area and enjoy all the benefits.
  • Special Events: We understand how much time and effort you put into preparing for events such as birthdays, weddings, or any other social gatherings. Don’t let mosquito bites take away all the fun. At Mosquito Shield: Central FL, we want you to enjoy your special events. Contact us to set up an appointment a week before your special event. Our mosquito and tick treatment will keep these insects from ruining your day and protect you from known diseases.
  • Tick Shield: Ticks thrive in grassy areas in your property, particularly during spring and fall. These pests can also move from one place to another through animals such as deer and rodents. Like mosquitoes, ticks are carriers of diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Ehrlichiosis, and Bartonella. With the help of our tick control specialist, we can help exterminate existing infestations and prevent new colonies.

Why Choose Us

You might be considering getting mosquito or tick control service on your property. Here are some benefits of choosing us as your service provider:

  • Enjoy Immediate Results – Once you contact us for our services, we can set up an appointment in as little as five days. We will visit your property at your most convenient time. The application takes as little as 10 minutes to complete. Our fast-drying sprays remain in effect even with moderate rainfalls. After our initial visit, expect a big difference in your property in just 24 hours.
  • Expect Follow-up Visits – Our technicians will make a follow-up appointment every two weeks to ensure the problem has been resolved. Intervals between appointments may vary between 10 to 17 days, depending on the level of infestation. We also send an email message before and after the appointment to provide you with details.
  • Get Your Money’s Worth – On the average, we charge $49 for every visit, which is cheaper compared to the industry rate of $79. We offer a money-back guarantee if our customers are not satisfied with our services. Contact us within a week if you feel that we haven’t fulfilled our promise.

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We can help you eradicate ticks and mosquitoes on your property. Mosquito Shield: Central FL has more than 17 years of experience in pest extermination. Call us today at 800-908-7076 and let’s discuss how we can help you with your situation. Check out our website for further details about our tick and mosquito control services.