Mosquito Spraying Kingston

Enjoy your yard all season long with results-driven mosquito spraying. Kingston residents invest in services from Mosquito Shield of Rockingham County, NH for residential and commercial insect control. Leave the long days of summer scratching, itch creams, and bug sprays behind when you partner with the industry’s best insect control company. With franchises all over the country and a commitment to excellence in mosquito control, we know you’ll appreciate the results you see when you choose Mosquito Shield for season long and special event protection. Get started today.

Complete Services for Mosquito Spraying Kingston

At Mosquito Shield of Rockingham County, NH, customer satisfaction drives our insect control strategies. Brand founders spent the last 16 years developing a product and service model that really works. Today, franchises all over the country are adopting the Mosquito Shield approach. You now have access to the best mosquito spraying in Kingston.

The triple-action formula, specialized spraying system, and technician training enable us to keep our customers’ yards bug-free for 10-17 days at a time. We generally spray every 14 days (according to mosquito lifecycles) to deliver ongoing results all season long. Mosquito Shield enjoys more than a 90% repurchase rate and a 60% referral rate, making it one of the top performing insect services around. Review our testimonials.

Our mosquito spraying in Kingston isn’t the only reason customers come to us season after season. A flexible approach to insect control sets us apart from our competitors. When you come to us, you’ll have access to:

  • Residential and commercial capabilities. Mosquito Shield technicians can operate in residential property environments as well as specialized commercial environments. Many municipalities, educational facilities, and health care facilities reach out to us for onsite protection during the summer months. Tell us more about your needs and we’ll develop a program suited for your space.
  • Season-long and single treatment protection. Our standard programs include season-long protection, but not all property owners need comprehensive services. To meet the needs of our event-focused customers, we offer Event Shield. Instead of interval-based mosquito spraying in Kingston, we’ll come out to your property a few days in advance of the event. You and your guests can enjoy a bug-free function at any point in the 14 day treatment period.
  • Multi-insect control. Our Mosquito Shield services target mosquitos, black flies, no-see-ums and other flying pests. In addition to mosquito control, we offer our customers Tick Shield, a specialized approach focused on killing and controlling flea and tick populations. Many of our customers who purchase mosquito spraying in Kingston come back to us for tick protection, too.

Mosquito Spraying Kingston You’ll Never Forget

Few things are as annoying a black swarm of mosquitos targeting you and your family members on the porch or in the backyard. They hover, bite, and can cause nasty illnesses such as Zika, West Nile, malaria, and dog heartworm. As soon as the temperatures rise above 50°F, the mosquitos come out. Don’t waste your money on ineffective treatments such as bug zappers and citronella candles. Invest in a service that will make a difference. For better results from mosquito spraying, Kingston residents can reach our office at (603) 369-6337.

Mosquito Spraying Kingston