Mosquito Spraying Hopkins

If you’re struggling with mosquito infestations in your backyard, solutions are available. Mosquito spraying in Hopkins is an effective and efficient way to restore your backyard to a mosquito-free haven, and help you reclaim your summer nights. If you need premier mosquito spraying services in Hopkins, look no further than Mosquito Shield of Northwest Metro Minnesota.

Our services provide multiple types of mosquito control in Hopkins, helping you target these critters at their breeding grounds. You’ll see results immediately, and mosquitoes will stay away from your property for the duration of the summer. If you’re not satisfied with your mosquito control job in Hopkins within seven days, Mosquito Shield will give you your money back.

What You Need to Know About Mosquito Spraying in Hopkins

At Mosquito Shield of Northwest Metro Minnesota, we receive many questions about our mosquito spraying services in Hopkins from prospective customers. Many of these questions relate to how we perform the procedure, how long it takes, and how much it costs. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive about mosquito spraying in Hopkins.

  • How long does mosquito spraying take to complete? When you hire the professionals from Mosquito Shield of Northwest Metro Minnesota, you receive a team of trained and skilled technicians who know how to complete your job as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our mosquito spraying services in Hopkins only take a few minutes to complete. We know which areas to target and where to spray.
  • How does mosquito spraying in Hopkins work? Our technicians have years of experience in this area, and we have developed a tried-and-true strategy for getting rid of your mosquitoes for the duration of your summer. We use a three-pronged approach to mosquito spraying in Hopkins: first, we kill the bugs present. Next, we mask the carbon dioxide people emit that attracts the bugs to the area. Finally, we establish a protective barrier around your property to reduce the rate of bugs entering your backyard. Our mosquito-spraying technique in Hopkins is scientifically proven and effective.
  • How long does mosquito spraying in Hopkins last? At the very least, our mosquito spraying services in Hopkins can keep these pesky bugs away from your property for the duration of the summer. Our repellant barrier keeps these mosquitoes at bay for the season, and if you want additional protection, we can return to your home and re-apply this barrier. This method of mosquito spraying in Hopkins will help you achieve lasting protection from mosquitoes for years to come.
  • How much does mosquito spraying in Hopkins cost? Many Hopkins homeowners may opt for a DIY mosquito spraying due to the perception that the procedure is expensive. However, Mosquito Shield of Northwest Metro Minnesota provides an extremely affordable service – in fact, we charge roughly half of what the competition does. In addition, we provide a money-back guarantee within seven days of your mosquito spraying in Hopkins.
  • When is the best time of year to implement mosquito spraying in Hopkins? One of the biggest factors to consider when you’re choosing mosquito spraying in Hopkins is the time of year you decide to implement the service. Obviously, mosquitoes thrive in warmer temperatures and are the most common during the summer. The best time of year to implement mosquito spraying in Hopkins is during the spring and summer, ideally as soon as you feel the weather warm up. Click here to view our blog.

Contact Our Team for Mosquito Spraying in Hopkins, MN

Do you need mosquito spraying in Hopkins? Professional help is available – just contact Mosquito Shield of Northwest Metro Minnesota today! Our experts know where to target mosquitoes, so they don’t reappear within a few days. In addition, we use the best products to fight these critters and can help you restore your backyard at an affordable rate. Schedule your mosquito control appointment at your Hopkins, MN home today.

More About Our Approach to the Best Mosquito Service

Mosquito Shield is the leader in professional mosquito and tick control. We take a three-pronged approach mosquito and tick protection: kill current pests; mask the CO2 that attracts new pests; and repel pests from your home. Our proprietary Mosquito Protection Blend (MPB) represents more than 15 years of product research and development, and our FlexBlend spray technology maximizes the effectiveness of MPB.

MPB gives you several options for pest control. It kills harboring mosquitoes, no-see-ums, black flies and other flying insects along with ticks, and it simultaneously repels airborne insects and prevents new pest infestations. Our treatment schedules are flexible so that you see the best results during peak mosquito and tick season. We add our Rain Shield blend to each spray so that treatments withstand light to moderate rain storms.

Our licensed technicians are trained in product application, mosquito and tick behavior, and species identification. We educate our techs to “think like a mosquito” while evaluating properties to find problem areas. They will also study weather and property conditions to take a holistic approach to your pest control treatment.

More than 90 percent of Mosquito Shield and Tick Shield customers reuse us season after season. We carry an unconditional satisfaction guarantee (which we’re happy to say mostly collects dust!). If for any reason you’re unsatisfied after your first visit, we’ll give you a full refund.

Once you contact Mosquito Shield, you can expect a couple things:

  • Your first visit is scheduled within five business days of signing up for our treatments.
  • You’ll get an email before and after each technician visit.
  • The treatment will be applied to your common use areas like pools, decks, patios and swing sets, and it’ll be applied to wherever the mosquitos and ticks breed and live.
  • After your first visit, you’ll see a significant reduction in insects, usually within 24 hours of the first treatment.
  • A licensed technician will come to your property every two weeks, depending on the mosquito population and weather. Treatments are effective when done either 10 days apart or even 17 days apart.

About Us

Mosquito Shield was founded in September 2001. We’ve all been there, trying to enjoy our homes’ outdoors, only to have our limited time outside ruined by unwanted mosquitos and insects. It was clear that the mosquito control products available at the time—body sprays, candles, mosquito magnets—weren’t up to the task. Frustrated with these options, we set out to formulate a true solution. The following 15 years were spent researching the science behind the mosquito life cycle, testing products, application methods and treatment frequency. We developed our own proprietary blend, Mosquito Protection Blend (MPB), that lasts for weeks and gets stronger as mosquito season progressed. Our MPB is made with natural oils that rid you of current mosquitos and repel future unwanted guests. Combining MPB with our FlexBlend application technology has put us at the forefront of residential mosquito control.

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