Mosquito Spraying Galveston

One of the most effective means to combat mosquitoes and regulate their population is through mosquito spraying. Galveston is a neighborhood that highly recognizes the importance of mosquito control. In fact, even the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledges the value of mosquito spraying in Galveston.

How Does Mosquito Spraying in Galveston Work?

Mosquito spraying in Galveston is one of the most popular means of mosquito control. Professionals who specialize in mosquito spraying in Galveston would come to your house and spray insecticide from a tank that is typically worn on the back. The spray immediately kills the mosquitoes it touches. It then dries and leaves a residue on the surface that it lands on. The residue left by mosquito spraying in Galveston can repel bugs and other insects, protecting your family from more than just mosquitoes.

Although you have the option to purchase chemicals and do the mosquito spraying in your backyard yourself, it is still recommended to hire an expert to do it. Pest control professionals know the right types and amounts of chemicals to use for mosquito spraying in Galveston. Additionally, they know which areas of your house to focus on for mosquito spraying in Galveston.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mosquito Spraying in Galveston

  • Why do companies conduct mosquito spraying in Galveston during early morning or around dusk?

To maximize mosquito spraying in Galveston, pest control technicians need to do the spraying around that time. It is when those little pests are active.

  • What insecticides are used for mosquito spraying in Galveston?

Two commonly used insecticides for mosquito spraying in Galveston are malathion and permethrin.

  • Are the insecticides used for mosquito spraying in Galveston safe?

Yes. In fact, malathion is water soluble and is often used to treat crops against mosquitoes and other insects. Malathion is used in small amounts, and it poses no health threats to humans. Permethrin, on the other hand, is typically mixed with oil and water. It is a preferred chemical for mosquito spraying in Galveston because it quickly kills mosquitoes by weakening their central nervous system.

  • Will mosquito spraying in Galveston spoil my homegrown fruits and vegetables in the garden?

The amount of chemicals for mosquito spraying in Galveston is significantly smaller than that used to kill fruit and vegetable pests. Your fruits and vegetables would still be edible. For good measure, rinse them thoroughly before consumption.

  • Will the mosquito spray harm other animals?

We advise that you keep your pets off the area where mosquito spraying in Galveston is ongoing.

  • Are individuals who conduct mosquito spraying in Galveston licensed?

Yes, all individuals who use insecticides for mosquito spraying in Galveston are mandated to be licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA).

Ways to Keep Your Family Safe During Mosquito Spraying in Galveston

It is normal to have second thoughts when you hear the words “chemical” and “insecticides.” However, companies generally use chemicals that are legislatively approved for mosquito spraying in Galveston. If you still want to take extra measures to ensure that your family and pets stay safe during and after mosquito spraying, you may follow these steps:

  • Remove sensitive items before mosquito spraying in Galveston takes place. Keep away any toys and pet dishes.
  • If mosquito spraying in Galveston will be done in your yard, ensure that you close doors and windows and turn off all air-conditioning units.
  • Stay away from the treated area during the spraying. Your technician for mosquito spraying in Galveston will advise you about the treatment’s drying time and when it is safe for you to come back.
  • Cover any edible herbs in your garden.

Protect Your Family From Diseases Caused by Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes cause more than just itching and skin irritations. They carry bacteria that may lead to life-threatening diseases like dengue, malaria, and Zika fever. Protect your family by calling a company that conducts mosquito spraying in Galveston today.

About Mosquito Shield: SE Houston

Mosquito Shield: SE Houston is the leading provider of residential mosquito control services. We efficiently treat your property by keenly monitoring the weather so that we could determine the best time to come for mosquito spraying and treatment. Because we are confident about the effectiveness of our services, we offer a money-back guarantee to our clients.

How We Work

We are committed to helping you safeguard your family from disease-carrying mosquitoes. Mosquito Shield: SE Houston offers professional services to target such little pests prying around your home. Our vector-trained technicians know exactly where mosquitoes tend to hide. They will also pay special care to where mosquitoes and ticks breed and flock, such as your pools, decks, patios, and swing sets. Our rounded approach utilizes a specially made spray that kills mosquitoes and masks carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes. The spray adheres to surfaces such as foliage, wood, stone, bricks, and other organic materials. Thus, the protection brought by our spray lasts for days, creating a vertical barrier that is reinforced with every follow-up visit.

Mosquito Shield: SE Houston uses FlexBlend spray technology to maximize potency. We oversee both mosquito population and weather conditions and adjust our program as necessary.

Mosquito Shield: SE Houston delivers optimum results by rotating control products, leveraging proactive scheduling, and using resistance management strategies.

Our Services

Mosquito Shield: SE Houston is your one-stop shop for combating pesky mosquitoes. We conduct:

  • Residential Mosquito Control Services: Your home is your sanctuary. It is where you put down your hair and relax, probably by walking along your yard. However, how can you do it when there are nuisances that bite and worse, may even carry diseases? Fortunately, our skilled technicians can exterminate existing swarms of mosquitoes. Further, they will assess your property and then follow a dependable approach that will ensure your comfort and safety whatever the season is.
  • Commercial and Municipal Mosquito Control Services: Do not let people in your community get deprived of a sunny day in the park and other outdoor recreational activity just because they are avoiding mosquitoes. Give them the comfort and confidence of knowing that no mosquitoes will keep prying around, thanks to an effective mosquito control solution. Mosquito Shield: SE Houston provides full-time commercial protection programs against mosquitoes. We cater to municipalities, offices of government agencies, private business establishments, commercial properties, recreation areas, and more.
  • Mosquito Control for Special Events: Do not let mosquitoes pester you and your guests. Nothing is more annoying than having to scratch mosquito bites instead of focusing on socializing and what the event has to offer. Call our vector-trained technicians at least a week before the special occasion. To ensure that no uninvited guests, like mosquitoes, will turn up at your event, call our professional exterminators. We will treat the event’s holding place using our Mosquito Protection Blend Spray. We will perform the mosquito control 24–48 hours before the event. In addition, our exterminators will spray insecticides that are specially formulated for bugs, mites, ticks, and fleas. Worry not as the treatments will leave no odor or visible residue that would ruin your event.

The Mosquito Shield: SE Houston Promise

Mosquito Shield: SE Houston is grounded on the long-standing reputation of giving you the most comprehensive mosquito control services.

  • We offer unconditional money-back guarantee.
  • Your first visit will be scheduled within five days of signing up.
  • A licensed technician will visit your property approximately every two weeks, depending on mosquito population and weather conditions.
  • Treatment intervals can be as short as 10 days and as long as 17 days.
  • You will see a significant reduction after your first visit, typically within 24 hours.

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