Mosquito Spraying Edgewater

Have you wondered about the mosquito spraying Edgewater has to offer, but haven’t found the right company to get started? Mosquito Shield is a pioneer and leader in residential mosquito control. We have branches around the nation serving thousands of happy clients year after year, and we are happy to announce a franchise in Annapolis. We can now easily come to Edgewater homes and businesses for advanced mosquito spraying and control. Learn more about us.

Mosquito Spraying in Edgewater Backed By 16+ Years of Experience

The founders of Mosquito Shield created the company after noticing a hole in the industry. It was clear that bug repellants like sprays, candles, and zappers were inadequate – mosquitoes were still getting in and spreading diseases. In fact, bug lights and magnets tend to attract more mosquitoes than they kill, making the problem worse instead of better. Something else needed to be done. Today, you can enjoy a truly mosquito-free lawn in the height of bug season thanks to Mosquito Shield.

Our mosquito spraying in Edgewater comes from more than 16 years of experience and 15 years of in-depth research. During these 15 years, the founders dove into the science of mosquitoes, including their life and death cycles. We tested many application techniques and product blends, and we discovered the optimal spraying frequency to build up a strong barrier. Our proprietary spray lasts for weeks and strengthens with each season of spraying. We use FlexBlend, a smart spraying technology, to apply an even amount of the spray around your property.

Our products, techniques, and optimized schedules give us the ability to conquer mosquito populations for good. We are at the forefront of residential mosquito control and by far the best people to complete your mosquito spraying in Edgewater. Don’t take our word for it – read our customer testimonials to hear real stories of our success around the country. It’s amazing what good mosquito control can do. Take back your lawn once and for all with help from Mosquito Shield.

More Than Just Mosquito Spraying in Edgewater

When you sign up for mosquito spraying in Edgewater, you get partners in the fight against pests. We don’t just show up, spray your lawn, and leave. We assess your property, identify areas and things that might be attracting mosquitoes, and give you tips on how to keep your lawn pest-free for life. Our technicians are highly trained and qualified to apply our products and will help you come up with the ideal spraying schedule for your situation and goals.

There is no end to the number of benefits you can enjoy with our mosquito solutions. To get started with mosquito spraying, Edgewater residents can call (410) 692-8008.

Mosquito Spraying Edgewater