Mosquito Control Wetumpka

Find the services for mosquito control Wetumpka locals prefer at Mosquito Shield of River Region, AL. Our local Mosquito Terminators office partnered with Mosquito Shield to deliver increased value through a nationally recognized brand and effective approach to insect control. With high repurchase and recommendation rates, we look forward to showing local home and business owners the experience of an insect free summer.

Don’t waste another season coating yourself in noxious sprays or staying indoors. Invest in a product that boasts 16 years of research and development. With the right mosquito control in Wetumpka, you can say goodbye to the itchy red welts that often come with our hot and humid summer seasons. Set up an appointment for treatment today.

Mosquito Control Wetumpka With Our Mosquito Protection Blend

Our Mosquito Protection Blend is a proprietary blend of essential oils and control products proven to perform in the field. In addition to a well-developed product, we use specialized spraying equipment to spray an even barrier around the perimeter of the service area and up into the trees and structures. The wax-based solution dries quickly and resists mild to moderate rainstorms for ongoing protection. The entire process for mosquito control in Wetumpka takes around 10 minutes to complete, and the solution dries just as quickly.

The solution acts in three ways to keep your residential or commercial property pest free. It kills insects on contact, disguises the presence of substances that attract insects (CO2), and repels new insects from the service area. Subsequent applications bolster the existing barrier’s strength to deliver ongoing protection.

While each spraying for mosquito control in Wetumpka may last up to 17 days, we generally treat yards in 14 day intervals. This approach gives us the ability to customize spraying intervals and account for mosquito behavior and weather patterns. The multifaceted program offers incredible and visible results within 24 hours. With our support, you may only notice a small number of insects in the service area all season-long. See what some of our satisfied customers say about the program.

Unbeatable Mosquito Control Wetumpka

At Mosquito Shield of River Region, AL, a great customer experience is our top priority. We want to deliver a summer of positive experiences you’ll remember for years to come because of our thorough mosquito control in Wetumpka. Instead of remembering the worst bug bite or bug-related infection of your life, we hope our services give you memories of lounging in a hammock, picnicking on breezy days, or watching the sunset.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer a 100% guarantee on all initial sprayings. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results, we’ll provide a full refund. For customers that don’t need season-long protection, we also offer an alternative program called Event Shield. We’ll come out a few days before your function to spray the perimeter. Instead of smelling the faint smell of citronella candles everywhere, your guests can focus on enjoying themselves.

Your Go-To Source for Mosquito Control Wetumpka

Reduce the likelihood of painful and itchy mosquito bites and dangerous mosquito-related illnesses when you invest in a professional service for mosquito control. Wetumpka home and business owners can call us at (334) 223-4470 to find out more today.

Mosquito Control Wetumpka