Mosquito Control Westport

Tiny as they are, mosquitoes carry viruses that may cause serious illnesses. Mosquito control in Westport is highly beneficial in averting such health risks. People in the community need to work hand-in-hand with the government toward mosquito control in Westport.

Integrated  Mosquito Management (IMM) as a Holistic Method of Mosquito Control in Westport

While there are several possible means of mosquito control in Westport, the state endorses an all-inclusive method called the Integrated Mosquito Management or IMM. As a comprehensive approach to mosquito control in Westport, IMM incorporates physical, biological, and chemical means to address the concern about the little pests.

The goal of IMM as mosquito control in Westport is to balance and maximize every method there is, rather than depending upon a lone control. This is based on the conviction that there is no single way of mosquito control in Westport that could address the problem and offer a long-term solution. IMM as a way of mosquito control in Westport utilizes:

Surveillance and Monitoring – With an integrated way of mosquito control in Westport, surveillance would be the primary step. As a mosquito control in Westport, this step uses mosquito traps, reports from residents, and human landing rates to monitor adult mosquito populations. Surveillance and monitoring are designed to:

  • Aid in mosquito control in Westport by identifying areas that are conducive to the risk of adult mosquito populations
  • Help with mosquito control in Westport by detecting larval habitats in need of targeted control
  • Monitor the effectiveness of various methods used for mosquito control in Westport
  • Determine what level of mosquito control in Westport methods need to be executed

Physical Mosquito Control in Westport

Also called as source reduction, physical mosquito control in Westport is a critical component of an Integrated Mosquito Management plan. EPA considers source reduction to be the most effective and least costly for mosquito control in Westport. More importantly, this is a method that can be observed by everyone. This mode of mosquito control in Westport can be as simple as:

  • Draining areas where shallow stagnant water can accumulate
  • Trimming grass in your yard to reduce mosquito resting places
  • Regularly changing water around your property, such as in dog bowls, birdbaths, and flower vases
  • Removing debris that may trap water in the gutters

Biological Mosquito Control in Westport

Biological mosquito control in Westport focuses on what can be altered or improved in the ecosystem to control the population of mosquitoes. The most common way to execute biological mosquito control in Westport is by using other living organisms that prey on mosquitoes. A species of fish called the mosquitofish feed on larvae, so they are usually bred and distributed on wells and open water containers.

Chemical Mosquito Control in Westport

Chemical mosquito control involves the use of EPA-approved insecticides to regulate the population of mosquitoes. As a feature of integrated mosquito management, chemical treatment of the pests can be divided into two types:

  • Larviciding – Larviciding is a general term for killing eggs and larvae by applying or spraying certain chemicals, which are collectively known as larvicides. Larvae control is a basic principle of mosquito control in Westport. Common larvicides used in mosquito control in Westport are:
  1. Altosid – An insect growth regulator that impedes the development of mosquitoes to the adult age.
  2. Golden Bear Mosquito Larvicide – A refined mineral oil that hinders breathing of immature mosquitoes until they die due to lack of oxygen.
  3. Agnique – A monomolecular film that impairs breathing of young mosquitoes.
    • Adulticiding – This method of mosquito control in Westport diminishes the population of adult mosquitoes by use of EPA-accepted toxic materials. The insecticides are normally applied or sprayed to the surface where adult mosquitoes thrive.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure: Mosquito Control in Westport

Protect your family from mosquito-borne diseases. Take mosquito control in Westport seriously and engage in precautionary measures that regulate the existence of such pesky insects. In the event that your house is already infested by the disease-carrying insects, trust only the experts. Look for a company that safely and efficiently conducts chemical treatments for mosquito control in Westport before any of your family gets sick.

About Mosquito Shield: Fairfield, CT

Mosquito Terminators has partnered with Mosquito Shield, the innovator and leader in residential mosquito control. It is our ambition to deliver even better services to our clients through this partnership. We aim to help the residents of Fairfield County enjoy an environment that is free from disease-carrying ticks and mosquitoes.

How We Work

Mosquito Shield is composed of a team of vector-trained and licensed technicians that treat common areas such as pools, decks, patios, and swing sets. To protect your family from the diseases that ticks and mosquitoes carry, we use a three-pronged approach that repels pesky insects away from your property. We use a specially formulated spray that instantly kills insects. Our spray adheres to foliage, wood, stone, brick, and practically any surface where ticks and mosquitoes hide.

Our spray uses FlexBlend technology to maximize its potency. We also monitor both mosquito population and weather conditions, and adjust our programs accordingly. Optimum results are achieved by rotating control products, leveraging proactive scheduling, and utilizing resistance management strategies.

Our Services

  • Mosquito Control
  • Residential Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitoes flying around your house and yard are not just a nuisance. More than their itchy bites, those annoying insects cause illnesses that can lead to death. As a leader in mosquito control services, we offer not just a short-term solution by fumigating. We design a strategy and management plan that addresses the root of the problem. Our technicians will assess your property, and then follow a holistic approach that will ensure continued protection for your family from diseases, such as:

  • Dengue
  • Yellow Fever
  • Malaria
  • Zika Virus
  • Japanese Encephalitis

Commercial and Municipal Mosquito Control

Nothing can be more exasperating than scratching mosquito bites instead of enjoying a day at the park or any outdoor recreational centers. Give your guests and patrons the exciting day that day deserve by ensuring that your facility is free from pesky insects.

Mosquito Control Services for Alfresco Events

Are you thinking of holding an event in a garden or your own yard? That surely is an awesome idea! Turn your occasion into a memorable affair by ensuring that your guests get to focus on socializing and the fun instead of shooing mosquitoes away. Contact Mosquito Shield at least one week prior the occasion. Our technicians will be applying our exclusive Mosquito Protection Blend Spray to your venue 24 to 38 hours before the event. Worry not, this chemical treatment leaves no foul odor and visible residue.

  • Tick Control Services
  • Residential Tick Control Services

At Mosquito Shield, we understand that the tick population has increased at a disturbing rate. Ticks are known to spread Lyme diseases among other illnesses across the United States. Ticks thrive in backyards where there is grass, shrubbery, or leaves on the ground. These are typical in a Fairfield County home, aren’t they? You do not need to give up your turf! At Mosquito Shield, we don’t just offer a short-term solution for spraying. Our knowledgeable technicians can design a strategy to help exterminate existing tick infections and inhibit new colonies from forming in your yard.

Our Promise

Mosquito Shield is built on the established reputation of giving you the most comprehensive mosquito control services.

  • We offer an unrestricted money-back
  • Your first visit will be scheduled within five days of signing up.
  • A licensed technician will visit your property approximately every two weeks, depending on mosquito or tick population and weather conditions.
  • Treatment intervals can be as short as 10 days and as long as 17 days.
  • You will see a significant reduction after the first visit, usually within 24 hours.

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Do not such little pests have a big impact on the quality of your life. Contact the experts in eradicating them. Contact Mosquito Shield: Fairfield, CT today at 800-908-7076.