Mosquito Control Harwood

When you hear “mosquito control,” Harwood homeowners, you probably think of a temporary solution like bug spray or mosquito magnets. You might not realize that true, effective mosquito control is available at your local Mosquito Shield franchise. You can and should control the mosquito populations on your property for good – all year round.

With Mosquito Shield, you rid your lawn of pests and keep them out long into the future. See how it works. Only Mosquito Shield has the products, spraying techniques, and optimal application schedules to master mosquito control in Harwood.

Effective, Long-Lasting Mosquito Control in Harwood

When we say long-lasting mosquito control, we mean as long as you want. We recommend treating from early spring to into late October in Maryland for lasting mosquito population control. Our product clings to surfaces, organic materials, and structures on your property, creating an impenetrable barrier that grows in strength with each application. You can enjoy a mosquito-free property all season long. How is this possible? With our three-pronged solution:

  • Our proprietary Mosquito Protection Blend (MPB) uses a mix of natural oils and EPA-approved materials to work on three levels. First, the MPB eliminates mosquito colonies on contact. You’ll notice an immediate difference in the number of mosquitoes in your yard after our very first visit.
  • Next, the MPB masks the presence of carbon dioxide (CO2) on your property. CO2 is part of what drives mosquitoes to be around people, as it’s in the air we exhale. Making CO2 invisible to hungry female mosquitoes forces them to look elsewhere for their next blood meal and drives them away from your property.
  • Finally, our product puts up a strong vertical shield around all the active areas of your home. This shield is impassable to mosquitoes, protecting your property for weeks at a time. With each application, mosquito control in Harwood gets easier. MPB can even withstand light to moderate rainfall thanks to our RainShield addition.

As you can see, Mosquito Shield doesn’t work in the way that simple bug sprays or candles work. It doesn’t attract bugs to your property like lights, zappers, and magnets, either. Instead, it cuts to the source of your mosquito problem, eliminating colonies and preventing future pests from taking up residents in your lawn. It is an all-in-one solution that truly works. Learn more about our Mosquito Shield product.

Take the First Step Toward Total Mosquito Control in Harwood

If it sounds like Mosquito Shield is your answer to mosquito control, Harwood residents can sign up for their first application today. For a limited time, the Annapolis franchise is offering a $25.00 off special on first applications. Take advantage of this special offer and start enjoying all the benefits of a mosquito-free property – enhanced comfort, disease prevention, and peace of mind, to name a few. Real mosquito elimination is possible and easily available with help from Mosquito Shield.

To speak with our technicians about your Mosquito Shield solution, contact us via your local franchise. We’ll come to dozens of service areas throughout Maryland to complete mosquito control. Harwood residents can call (410) 692-8008 to start services today.

Mosquito Control Harwood