Mosquito Control Charlestown

For mosquito control, Charlestown residents like you may have tried home remedies such as such as plugging an anti-mosquito device, lighting up mosquito coils, or sleeping under nets. However, these measures can only provide a temporary fix. To eradicate the pesky pests, contact professionals who specialize in mosquito control in Charlestown such as Mosquito Shield: Rhode Island.

As a pest control provider, our company employs skilled technicians who specialize in mosquito control in Charlestown. To ensure high-quality mosquito control in Charlestown, we invest time and money in training our employees. Here are some benefits of hiring professionals when it comes to mosquito control in Charlestown:

Get Rid of Deadly Diseases With Mosquito Control in Charlestown

Aside from the buzzing sound they make and their itchy bites, mosquitoes are known carriers of dangerous diseases. Malaria, Dengue fever, Zika virus, and yellow fever are some of the illnesses they bring, which is why it is important to perform mosquito control in Charlestown. Hire professionals who specialize in mosquito control in Charlestown.

Enjoy Immediate Results From Companies That Provide Mosquito Control in Charlestown

Here at Mosquito Shield: Rhode Island, we understand the importance of prompt action for mosquito control in Charlestown. We can set up an appointment for mosquito control in Charlestown in as little as five business days. You will also notice a significant change in your property within 24 hours after our first visit.

Companies That Provide Mosquito Control in Charlestown Specialize in Their Work

If you perform mosquito control in Charlestown on your own, you may end up using excessive chemicals that may be harmful to you. In contrast, experts from Mosquito Shield: Rhode Island went through extensive training in order to conduct mosquito control in Charlestown the right way.

Our technicians will perform an initial assessment of your property during their first visit. We will evaluate the level of infestation and determine the best method for mosquito control in Charlestown. Every client has different needs, which is why we adjust our process for mosquito control in Charlestown depending on the level of infestation on your property.

Get Long-Term Solutions From Companies That Provide Mosquito Control in Charlestown

Home remedies can only do so much for mosquito control in Charlestown. Service providers, such as Mosquito Shield: Rhode Island, can give you a lasting solution for your pest problem. We spent years researching these pests in order to come up with more effective mosquito control in Charlestown.

Through our studies, we learned that mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide we breathe out. Upon learning this behavior, we formulated our own Mosquito Protection Blend, a spray made from natural oils. This spray is used for mosquito control in Charlestown to conceal the carbon dioxide we exhale and, as a result, it keeps the pests away from your property.

Get Value for Your Money When You Work With Professionals for Mosquito Control in Charlestown

You may end up spending a lot of money by using over-the-counter chemicals for mosquito control in Charlestown. Plus, you cannot be certain whether these sprays are effective against mosquitoes.

At Mosquito Shield: Rhode Island, we charge an average of $49 for every visit, which is comparatively lower than the industry average. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer a money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with our services, including our mosquito control in Charlestown, we will give you back your payment.

Invest in Professional Mosquito Control in Charlestown Today

Keep your family outside all season long with services from Mosquito Shield: Rhode Island. We serve residential and commercial clients in need of effective mosquito control in Charlestown. To set up an appointment for mosquito control, Charlestown residents may call us at 1-800-908-7076. Visit our website at to learn more about our company and our services. We are looking forward to serving you.

Mosquito Shield: Rhode Island

While there are many conventional mosquito control methods to be found and tried, we’ve found that these offer temporary fixes. However, they typically offer temporary fixes. While these solutions can repel or kill mosquitoes, they do not stay effective for long. This means that you may find yourself faced with the same insect problems again. To avoid this hassle, why not invest in professional mosquito control? Mosquito Shield: Rhode Island has just the control program to rid you of your pest-related worries.

Our Story

Mosquito-borne diseases have made headlines both nationally and internationally. For years and counting, viruses such as Zika, West Nile, dengue, and malaria have haunted countries and put families at risk. These events ignited the need for a reliable mosquito control company. In the face of this public demand, our founders created Mosquito Shield.

Mosquito Shield: Rhode Island, one of our franchise locations, is staffed with diligent professionals. We value quality and client satisfaction. That is why we go the extra mile to provide client-focused solutions and meet expectations. If you need help in eradicating mosquito infestations, you can trust the expertise of our reliable technicians.

What Makes Us Different

Every season, more than 90% of our clients come back to repurchase. Here’s why:

We Use an Innovative Mosquito Control Blend and Top-Of-The-Line Sprayer

When treating infested areas, we use our special Mosquito Protection Blend (MPB), which is a blend of pest-repelling natural oils. Once applied, it can kill mosquitoes on contact and repel those that are near the treated area. The formula is also wax-based and rain-resistant, making it ideal for long-term mosquito control. Because the blend dries easily, you can immediately enjoy results after application.

To match our first-rate MPB, we spray it using special spray equipment and FlexBlend. We use this top-notch spray technology to coat your outdoor structures and create a barrier against mosquitoes.

At the first sign of mosquito infestation, do not hesitate to hire our technicians. With our state-of-the-art technology and experienced staff, you can retake your yard from the bloodsucking pests.

We Have Vector-Trained Technicians

To ensure that we provide only superb results, we do not train our professionals using average procedures. We have them undergo extreme and rigorous pest control training. During this period, we drill into them one chief lesson: they should think like mosquitoes if they were to win against the pests. That is why each of our contractors is well-versed in the behaviors of the buzzing mosquitoes By understanding their behavior, we can systematically devise plans to disrupt their cycles and habits.

We Offer an Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

At Mosquito Shield: Rhode Island, we have confidence in the quality of our work. We stand by this claim by offering an unconditional money-back guarantee! Not happy with the results? Contact us within seven days of our first visit, and we will issue you a full refund. We take a three-pronged approach to mosquito control. We follow science-based processes when performing mosquito control. Here are the divisions:

  • Elimination of Existing Mosquitoes

We start with locating the infested areas and determining the best solution. Once everything is in order, we’ll proceed with exterminating mosquitoes.

  • Masking of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Mosquitoes are attracted to CO2. Because you constantly breathe it out, you become an easier target for them. We prevent this by masking the CO2 levels in your area. As a result, you become invisible to mosquitoes’ CO2 sensors.

  • Prevention of Future Infestations

To cap off our program, we coat your property with our MPB. This serves as a control barrier against mosquitoes that attempt to enter your property.

Invest in Professional Mosquito Control

Don’t let mosquitoes invade your space and ruin your outdoor fun. Come to Mosquito Shield: Rhode Island for excellent mosquito control! Contact us today