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We can give you several reasons why we’re the leader in residential mosquito and tick control, but the real vote of confidence comes from our customers. Over 90% of Mosquito Shield® and Tick Shield® customers repurchase. To help bolster that confidence, only Mosquito Shield and Tick Shield carry an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Something we’re happy to say mostly collects dust.

With that said, several things clearly set us apart:

Mosquito Shield Protection is a proprietary blend.
Our proprietary Mosquito Protection Blend (MPB) is the product of over 15 years of continual research and development — more than any other mosquito control company of whom we’re aware.

Mosquito Shield and Tick Shield provide multiple and maximum modes of control.
MPB provides your property with multiple modes of control working to both kill harboring mosquitoes, no-see-ums, black flies and other flying insects as well as ticks, while simultaneously repelling airborne insects and working to prevent new infestations within the treated perimeter.

Setting the standard for flexible treatment schedules.
Mosquito Shield and Tick Shield were the first to provide customers with flexible treatment schedules that help to improve results during seasonal periods of mosquito breakouts or peak populations. We don’t sell treatments because a single treatment simply doesn’t work. By monitoring the weather and mosquito population, we are able to provide a worry-free, season-long solution.

More effective, efficient and expert in every aspect of the operation.
State-of-the-art routing software enables us to deliver on our flexible treatment schedules and better serve and communicate helping to improve operating efficiencies and satisfaction. Meanwhile, our sprayer equipment may look similar, but it too has been engineered to deliver product more effectively and efficiently while Mosquito Shield and Tick Shield technicians receive more training. Our technicians aren’t just trained on how to properly apply the product, but also on mosquito and tick behavior and species identification, helping to improve the overall service we provide to our customers.

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How Mosquito Shield Spray Works

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