Maryland – Business Opportunity Available

Thank you for your interest in Mosquito Shield. Start building your future in a rapidly growing market. Mosquito Shield has a different philosophy than most franchise companies: we built a system, not a business model. Our goal is to help you build a company, not provide you with a job. Mosquito Shield will put you in a position to succeed by providing a unique and effective service that homeowners will value for many years to come.

Mosquito Shield’s mission is for our customers to enjoy their yards by delivering a mosquito-free environment that allows them to spend more time outdoors.

Mosquito Shield is the pioneer and leader in residential mosquito control. As such, we actively monitor weather and mosquito population and treat our customer’s properties as needed. All, so they enjoy a mosquito-free back yard all summer long and into the fall.

To build your future with us, go to our franchisee website: