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Your area that has been flagged as a HIGH ACTIVITY mosquito zone. Therefore, you are eligible for a FREE trial spray. Alongside your neighbors, Mosquito Shield has been aware of the high activity of mosquitoes in your area and wants to help eliminate the population. As a courtesy, we want you to experience the benefits of residential mosquito control, no strings attached.

Claim your trial spray today. Appointments are available between 6/4/18 – 6/18/18.
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As a season-long service, Mosquito Shield comes to your home, identifies where the mosquitoes are living, and treats your property — all season long, effectively and affordably. We will also treat your active areas, such as pools, decks, patios, play areas, etc.

Mosquito Shield is the pioneer and leader in residential mosquito control. We actively monitor weather and mosquito population and treat your property as needed. All, so you will enjoy a mosquito-free back yard all season long. Our focus and promise to rid your yard of mosquitoes has 90% of our customers coming back year over year. In fact, we stand by that promise with a Money-Back Guarantee. Call for more details.