Good, Better, Best: How to Keep Pests Out of Your Event

You’ve planned a backyard wedding or a huge family reunion, and you’re checking things off your to-do list. Food? Check. Band? Check. Pests? Check out how to keep them out — our experts have the tips that you need for the finishing touches on your backyard event.

Good: There are things you can do that don’t necessarily repel mosquitoes, however they will help your space be less conducive for these pests. Since mosquitoes are attracted to heat and use light as a path, use LED lights instead of regular or decorative lightbulbs. LED lights emit UV wavelengths that aren’t as visible to mosquitoes, plus they don’t emit as much heat as traditional bulbs. Your event will be less prone to pests, and won’t overheat – so it’s a win-win. Another way to make your space less attractive to mosquitoes is to keep a constant air flow. Since they’re attracted to areas of concentrated carbon dioxide, using fans in strategic locations can help keep pests at bay. The breeze will also act as a natural deterrent. Lastly, be vigilant about covering any trash and cleaning rogue food spills that could attract potential pests.

Better: Light a perimeter of pest-repelling candles around your event space to minimize pests getting near your guests. Look for candles that are made with real citronella oil, some will also include rosemary which is another natural repellent. In addition, go for an option that doesn’t have a lot of added scents – such as vanilla and lavender, which will reduce the percentage of pest-repelling ingredients.

Best: Have your outdoor space sprayed before your event by Mosquito Shield, which will kill mosquitoes lurking in the area. In addition, it creates a vertical barrier to protect your yard on your big day, allowing your guests to enjoy your event completely mosquito-free. With Mosquito Shield, you’re guaranteed that mosquitoes will stay far away from your big day.

For a free estimate on an event spray, reach out to Mosquito Shield at any time.